A Good 10K and Annual Physical

The annual physical, something that I tend to dread, especially since I get to have a new doctor over at Togus again. Which always makes things that much more stressful.

All I know is that I stressed out pretty good because I hate having a new doc and going through the getting to know how he thinks versus how I think and how well we are going to work together. You get to worrying and stressing out about conversations that you never have…so I did a lot of that for nothing over the past couple of weeks.

Just me being me.

I can’t say that I hate change or am resistant to making changes when they are necessary, but I do dislike having to make choices that may or may not agree with what a new VA doc seems to think is best for me and how I plan to live my life going forward.

Enough blathering

I did get my run in before the appointment a nice 10K on the treadmill. I started out nice and easy and didn’t get all that much faster. So I was very happy with the run and how I felt during it.

Once I got done running and went into the locker room and saw this.

Not a good thing, going to a doctor’s appointment and not being able to take a shower, probably didn’t make things all that nice for others that were around me. Oh well, I apologized to the doc.

Getting back to the physical:

I like the staff over at Togus a lot. Every time I have been there over the years, all the ones that I have met have been super helpful and today was no exception. I wanted to get it so that I could use their website and see my records online. Everything went smoothly and I got to look at my labs before I went in to see the doc, which was nice. I didn’t get surprised, did a little research and got to ask some questions about the results that were not in the “normal” range.

I do not always think that what is good for someone else, is always good for me. But that is a whole different story. Let’s just say some recommendations were great and I am going to add them into my lifestyle:

Start eating a lower carb diet to help get some of the blood work a little better. I pretty much expected these results (I am pretty honest with myself sometimes) and have been looking into some of the low carbhydrate/paleo types of diets before the appointment, so I understood what and why he was recommending this and was able to discuss it somewhat intelligently, instead of giving one of those WTFO are you talking about looks.

Get back to using a watch with the heart rate monitor built in. After listening to my chest and looking in my record, we talked about my working out routine. The doc thought it might be a good idea not to go super hard: up hills, during track work or racing. It seems that I need to be a little more cognizant of how “hard” I go and need something to warn me when I am overdoing things.

I have noticed that going uphill hard is something that I do not do as well and haven’t pushed hard up them. Also I don’t usually go much beyond 90% effort anymore, he seemed to think that 80% effort or less might be a bit better.

We will see.

So, I did order a Garmin with a wrist heart rate built in tonight, just to give me a little more control or at least an idea how hard I am working versus, just what I feel, which I tend to ignore sometimes 🙂 .

It seems that he was a bit concerned about some of my kidney profiles, but when he got looking back at some of my old results from 1989, they were about the same and the doc moved on. Not a big deal if it has been that way for that long – I guess. 🙂

Hydrate more often, especially during the winter.

Reduce the amount of Vitamin D I am taking, from the old amount to about half that. He felt that I was taking too much, so I will try the reduced amount and see how I feel. If things begin to go South, I can always increase it back to where I am now.

Overall, for a first visit with a new doc, it was a very good visit and while he is not a runner, he isn’t a doc that is one of those do what I say, not what I do guys. He also made it very clear that he was there to make recommendations and that any choices or decisions that were made would come from me – not him.

Which gave me a much more warm and fuzzy feeling than some docs I have had in the past who thought their word was the way it was going to be. I don’t do well with docs who think their word carries the same weight as a God.

A very good first visit with my new doc.

So I had a good run, but I do have some things that I need to do better when it comes to my diet (too much sugar – I already knew that) and being more careful about my effort levels with some other things that are going on and are going to be a part of my life going forward (well they have been a part of it since 2007, but I tended to ignore things a little more than I probably should have).

What else is new. 🙂

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  1. Good to hear that things went pretty well! Yeah, I believe that we are all different and that ‘normal ranges’ are more like ‘nominal ranges’ and that things outside of there are not necessarily ‘abnormal’.

    Vitamin D is a tricky one – Lisa deals with that as well. She is typically low, which leads to issues with calcium absorption. But earlier this year she tested really high – into the range of ‘Vitamin D toxicity’ so the doctor took her off all supplements to get a new baseline. Crazy.

    Also yucky but funny about the locker room – when I was a member of our local Y I only ran into that once, which was OK to an extent because I entered the room before working out … but since I went from there straight to work it meant I had to head home.

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