ReTrying the Response Boost and a Small Rant

Back in mid-September I got in a pair of Adidas Response Boost and really, really loved the fit and feel on the roads. Unfortunately, my feet (especially the Plantar Fascia in both feet) were not as impressed during the 4th and 5th runs in them. So I put them out back of the garage with the idea that they would go away.

Well Mary and were going to do a give-away trip to Goodwill and at the last minute I rescued the Response Boost. I really don’t have a clue why I chose to do it, but I just couldn’t get rid of them without giving them another shot.

Just a gut feeling – I guess.

This morning I just had to take them out for a run, although I was a bit leery after reading my blog post from the last time I wore the Response Boost.

I started out pretty slowly and actually kept it slow for the whole run. I wasn’t trying to get any speed, I was focused on how the shoe treated my feet. Every little twinge or slight discomfort was magnified 100% and I kept waiting for the shoes to bother me.

Never happened down back on the dirt or hills, but then came the true test getting back on tar while my feet were tired – this is where I had all the issues before

When I finished the 4th mile, Mary was right at the intersection so I slowed down to run with her for a mile.

We gabbed about the hunter down-back that had “instructed” us that we needed to wear orange and that Bennie needed to have an orange piece on as well for safety reasons. He went on to lecture us some more.

I bristled just a bit at that point, but didn’t act like a complete arse. I just pointed out that we had bright colors on, Bennie was on a leash at all times, we were walking on a town maintained road and that we had as much right to be on the road as he did. Well maybe I reacted to how I perceived he was talking to us and probably came across as a bit pissy about it.

He might have been attempting to be helpful, but I have a feeling that he was pissed because Bennie had been barking at some vehicles on the way back (before he came out of the woods in front of us) and disturbed his “peaceful” hunting experience, but that is the choice he makes when he hunts on private property that is owned by someone else (both landowners have given me permission to hunt on their land whenever I want) and that has a town road passing through it.

Plus I have a feeling that this was the same guy that got busted for shooting across the same road last year and a few years ago that told me that I couldn’t walk Bennie down where they were hunting. So there is a bit of history there as well.

Oh well, I know that orange is a necessary evil during hunting season, but at the same time hunters have to respect non-hunters they are sharing areas with, just as we need to respect them. If we choose to wear bright blue or flourescent yellow colors on a public road (even if it is dirt), that should not be an issue – we are VERY visible and it lets hunters know we are not hunters.

Okay mini rant over.

After running with Mary for a mile, I did 1.0 more at a little faster pace. I wanted to see if the feet were going to bother. I got in 6.0 very good miles, without the Response Boosts bothering my feet at all. Which is what I wanted.

If they had felt like this back in September, I would have a LOT more miles on them and wouldn’t have thought about putting them in the back of the garage. However, I will not just run in them, I will put them into the rotation and run in other shoes in addition to the Response Boost.

Good run.






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