Running in Augusta and Getting Back on Track

Today is about the only day this week that is forecast to see sunshine, so I was definitely going to get a run in – outside. However, I am also attempting to re-start some things this week that I have neglected for while. Things like: doing some base run work, weight training and cutting back on some of the crap that I am eating.

You know the typical stuff that I don’t do too well and prefer to just run or eat what I want.

Weight training means going to the gym, so after Bennie’s long walk I headed into Augusta to run and play at lifting weights.

After yesterday’s 7.0 miler, I wanted something shorter and to wear my Reebok RunFasts. I haven’t run in them for a while so it was time to get them back out again, do something a little faster, but nothing near race pace and get myself outside to run with the little sunshine we are getting this week.

Unfortunately, the Augusta Planet Fitness really doesn’t have all that great an area for running more than a 3.0 mile loop, without enjoying sharing the road with a multitude of vehicles flying by way too closely.

Going towards the MarketPlace is taking your life into other’s hands – it ain’t designed to accommodate pedestrians/runners/bicyclists down through that area. The Veteran’s Cemetery discourages, errr prohibits running through it, so going through there is not an option, which leave heading North on Civic Center Drive or going down-back through Leighton Road and a BFH.

The biggest thing about the Reebok RunFasts is that that I tend to run faster than I would in other shoes. Today was no different – I ran what I thought was an easy first mile and then picked up the pace to what I would consider comfortably hard.

It turned out to be quite a bit faster than I thought it was going to be, even though the effort level was right about where I wanted to be.

I felt I was being pretty consistent for the next 3.0 miles and I did pick it up a little once I got back on Civic Center Drive. The mile splits were pretty close, so I was really happy with the quality of the run.

When I got back to Planet Fitness I did a 10 Universal Machine workout with 2 sets of lighter weights. I need to get the old body used to doing the work again, before I start increasing resistance. Yeah, I could tell that I hadn’t done weights for a while and I have a feeling that I will be sore tomorrow – especially my right shoulder which needs to get some attention to strengthen it up again.

Yeah, without a doubt the Reebok RunFasts are the best shoes I have run in, in several years and unless something totally blows me away over the next couple of months they are going to be hard to beat for shoe of the year honors from me.

Another pretty good run.

and yes, I even some light weights.


  1. It is too bad that some cemeteries don’t allow runners. It would bring people into the cemetery and may prevent people from committing vandalism.
    The roads are safe and we runners can help keep an eye on things and drive out the riff raff.

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    1. I think too many of the National Cemeteries believe that runners and others enjoying a recreational activity might portray a desecration of the sanctity of of holy ground. I tend to disagree and while I will probably be buried in one of the National/VA controlled cemeteries at some point in the future, I would want others to be there doing activities that I would have enjoyed in life.

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