Red Sox Win and I Got a Good Run In

The Boston Red Sox won the World Series!

Yeah, yippeee and all those other cheery type things. Having been a fan since before the Impossible Dream, I have suffered through the bad years and now get to celebrate the good ones.

I won’t belabor the point but…

Did ya hear – the Boston Red Sox won!!!

SD2 has moved into her house, a lot of the little things that needed to get done (towel racks, tp holders, dryer hookup, etc.) are pretty much finished up. Which means this week things will be getting back to a more normal schedule for us.

Which includes something called sleeping in until 7:00 A.M. Walking Bennie almost a mile in the morning and then getting in his long walk around 9:00 or so. Then not worrying about being referee while out on a run, so that I would cut it short or speed up when I wasn’t supposed to.

Yeah, I stopped planning my runs and just ran for most of October. Not a bad thing, but my mind really wasn’t worried about running or training for anything, it was more about just getting a run in and making sure we had the same number of dogs at the end of a day sometimes.

So last night I thought about what I want to do and figured that this week would be the start of my base training phase for 2019. I am pretty sure that I won’t be doing too many races between now and then, so it seems pretty logical to start it now, since I had a down week last week. I planned how I would love to see this week go and today was the first test of that plan.

Well the good things were that it was 45*F and very little wind – less than 5 mph. So I ran outside in shorts and long sleeve tech shirt, probably one of the last times that happens for 2018. I have a feeling it is going to get purty cold going forward. Although it was cloudy, the rains held off.

I wanted to run for an hour, so I ran out towards Goodhue. The idea wasn’t to run fast, it was to run comfortably and get miles in. My first mile was a bit off and I thought that the hamstrings and lower back (from moving heavy ass furniture) were going to bother a bit. Luckily both areas loosened up and didn’t get in the way the rest of the run.

Once I got out to Goodhue I started to pick it up a bit on the way back and felt very strong. I did have to jump in the woods for a brief pit stop just past the old dump – nothing serious, but I felt a lot better running after I stopped. What else is new – it seems that almost every longer run there is a brief pit stop at some point.

I did wear the Zealot 3s and while they did okay, on the way back it was almost like they were on the cusp of bothering my metatarsals, but never did. Maybe I am too hyper aware of how my feet feel in the Zealot 3s and that I notice any little thing that is going with them. I do have a feeling that I will cut back the bootie on the right foot about another inch or so if I can to see if that helps a little more.

Other than that it was a good get my miles in kind of run, where I was able to relax and not worry about needing to hurry-up to get back to the house. I just need more them in a row and I have a feeling that November will be a pretty decent month for running.






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