Running w/SD2 & Around the Pond Road

I got to run with SD2 out to Goodhue, which was nice. Before I found out I was going to run with her I had planned on doing at least 8.0, so I could get my 30 miles for the week. However, with the opportunity to run with Christie, I was not sure of how many I would get in.

I was pretty sure that she wasn’t interested in running that far.

The temps to start were chilly (hats and gloves), with a headwind out to Goodhue Road, so it was a bit harder than usual. We talked a little, but it was more a nice companionable run after the first mile. The pace was right where I wanted it to be all the way out. All I know was that it was nice to run with someone else for a change.

When we were just about to Goodhue Christie said she was doing to stop there for a minute. She had told me several times while we were running together that I could go ahead and that she planned to walk a lot on the way back. So we hadn’t really planned on doing the entire run together from the start.

So I turned left and headed down towards the Pond Road.

I was feeling really good, but didn’t pick up the pace all that much. Along the Pond Road I just cruised along. I knew that I was going to slow the pace a lot coming back up the bigger hills, so I was not trying for any land speed records.

At the bottom of Bartlett Hill, my right heel started to bother, but it wasn’t all that bad, so I kept going, but it continued to bother just enough that I didn’t want to do more than getting an even 9.0 miles just past the house.

When I took off my shoes my right sock had a huge hole in it, so I wasn’t surprised that the right heel bothered. Once I saw how my sock looked, I think I was more surprised that I didn’t have bigger issues with the right heel than I did.

I did get to run longer in the Liberty ISOs and they did just fine. The run would have been even better if my old socks hadn’t gotten that huge hole in the heel, but I have feeling that an old body is probably more to blame for how my feet feel towards the end of longer runs than the shoes I wear. I just have to be willing to actually admit it. 😉

The run itself was not anything special, it was all about putting one foot in front of the other, but it was nice to run the first part of the run with Christie.






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