Just Beat the Rains – RunLog 10-17-18

I think that for the foreseeable future I will plan on running in the afternoon, morning runs are just not happening. Nothing serious, but it just seems to be the way my schedule is working out right now. I will get back to my mid morning runs probably in November.

This morning was not the nicest and while this afternoon was absolutely gorgeous, however by the time I got out the door, the clouds were moving in and the breeze was picking up a little.

I wasn’t too sure about what I wanted to do, but after yesterday’s DNR in the running due to our flip/flop drive over to New Hampshire and back, to visit one of Mary’s relatives I needed to get a run in. So I headed out the door planning on at least 4.0 and if I was feeling good more.

The first mile went by fairly well and I decided to head towards the Town Office at the last minute. One of the those emergency pit stops in the woods was a necessity, then all systems were go. By the time I got to the Campbell Farm, I got this great idea of running down to the Lyons Road, which would end up being a 5.0 miler.

The only problem with that is that to get to the Lyons Road, I have to run on the Middle Road and at that time of day with Sidney being a commuter community, the road is very busy (well for our area). Today was no exception and I spent more time on the dirt shoulders of the Middle Road than I did anything else.

I had thought about running a bit further, but when I got back to the Campbell Farm, I could feel the occasional rain drop and the clouds looked very threatening.

So I just brought it straight back to the house. I actually was feeling quite good and even though I slowed a bit on the hills, I can’t really complain too much about the run itself.

I ran again in the Saucony Breakthru 4s and they just felt really comfortable the entire run, which is all I can ask of my shoes. I am really liking the Breakthru 4s so far they are wide enough in the forefoot, feel very cushioned and while the heel isn’t quite as snug as I would like, they are not bad either.

Once I got back to the house it was sprinkling pretty good and just about 5 minutes after I got in, the rains came.

The dogs were all shaking and even though we couldn’t hear any thunder, they did not like the incoming storm for some reason. As far as we could tell it was only a heavy rain and some wind. We had to sit on the couch with them until it passed they were shaking so much. Not sure what that was all about, because for most rain storms it doesn’t bother them too much? This time it did – quite a bit.

However, I got my run in and yes, it felt really good.






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