Decision Day Came and Went Quietly – RunLog 6-28-18

Well there I made the decision that I wasn’t going to train for a marathon this summer. You can read about it here if you would like.

It basically came down to the old body not being up to the task. My right hip just is not right and the bigger miles were starting to bother it too much – to the point where there was too much discomfort even when I wasn’t running.

So what did I do today?


Well I still did some things. I walked Bennie a few times, did a walk in the rain and that is about it. I worked on my old ASUS laptop and got it going pretty well again – at least until it stops working the next time.

Then I rested the mind and the body.

It was really what was needed.

I guess Mary was more than a little worried about my marathon training plans and let me know that she was relieved that I had decided to not continue any further. She is more than willing to support me for a half marathon, but like she said, the full marathon might be a bit too much for the old body and some of my other medical issues that I don’t talk too much about.

Happy wife, happy life 🙂

Tomorrow will start the next phase in my running, I am still not sure what my goal will be, but it will include some longer runs – once the hip is back to feeling up to it. Probably a bit more speed stuff for 5k and under racing which seems to be my stronger suite. Then in the fall I will probably do the Rail Trail half marathon, in mid September. Who knows I might even find a road 10K to play on.

I do know that I will keep running trails, because they do not beat me up nearly as badly, force me to slow down and enjoy the running more. I can feel how running the trails over at Quarry Road is strengthening the old body quite a bit. I did find a pair of new trail running shoes on the door step this afternoon that might convince me that trail running is a good thing.

Yes, I am disappointed and a little down about my decision, but I will fight with a few Orcs, have a bowl of ice cream and think about how I will train to move the old body faster than it has gone for a while.

All in all I am good with my decision – after all it was the only one that made sense.

Time to keep moving forward.






One response to “Decision Day Came and Went Quietly – RunLog 6-28-18”

  1. Still a Runner Avatar

    I agree with you on the trails being kinder to the body. I can spend double the time on difficult trail and feel better than half the time spent on road. Still, – you have to love the road.

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