Just A Little Frustrated – PMT 5/31/18

Yeah the title says it all.

Let’s start at the beginning of the day. I did Bennie’s first walk and for the first time since I screwed up my hamstring, there was no pulling feeling in it. I was able to walk free and easy – it felt great!

Even on our 2.5 mile walk down-back (after they just got through grading the road), the hamstring felt damn near normal – finally. I was heartened to say the least that I was on the other side of my rehab.

I still did the elliptical and did an easy 4.0 miles on it and then planned on doing another 2.0 miles outside. I still ran conservatively and didn’t attempt to stretch out the stride at all, even though the pace was a bit quicker than yesterday. I even thought about doing another mile, because everything was feeling so good. Unfortunately, about 1/2 a mile from the finish the hamstring decided to complain a little.

It wasn’t anything serious, but I immediately started to slow down and by the time I got to the end of 2.0 miles, I was definitely not going to do anymore. I shut it down. As soon as I did, the hamstring got happy again, but there was a slight pulling sensation that hadn’t been there in the morning. Pretty minor.

This afternoon I had my last acupuncture appointment and it went really well. I always come of there feeling better – a good thing. 🙂

When I got home Bennie needed his last walk, this is where my frustration factor skyrocketed. While we were walking Bennie decided that he suddenly wanted to go one way and I was going in the other direction. I was not prepared and his sudden pull to the right somehow got the hamstring really grumpy. Not a good thing and it is still not happy.

So yet another setback on the hamstring.

Not what I wanted to say the least, but all I can do is keep moving forward and hope that it is not a big setback. Which means tomorrow will be a no-run day and it might even be a rest day or weights.

The elliptical will be my friend for a while longer it seems, even with my marathon training supposedly starting next week. When I look at the base mileage I had already, I think that I don’t have to really worry about things too much for a while. As long as I keep the hamstring rehab moving forward and cross train as hard as I can.

I will give myself to the end of June to figure this hamstring thing out to decide to where my marathon training will take me this fall and if I need to find one later in the year. I do after need to be able to run the marathon, they ain’t gonna let me do it on the elliptical. 🙂 Which means that I am not completely firm on which one I will end up doing in the long run. Oops sorry about that, I couldn’t resist.

Keep smiling, don’t get too down Harold and look ahead to all the good runs that will happen this summer and the feeling you will have when you finish whatever Marathon you do run this fall.

The good news was I did get to walk and run in the Nike Pegasus 33’s and enjoyed them quite a bit. I also found out that they are the shield version, so I got an even better deal on them than I originally thought. They will be a nice alternative to the GoRun Ride 7’s and in bad weather they will be a much better choice.







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