Backsliding – RunLog 10-23-17

Bennie and I walked 2.5 miles this morning. it was nice down-back and while the temps were still way above average, looking at the amount of leaves on the ground – I have a sneaking suspicion that winter ain’t that far away.

Down-back is starting go the other way on the colors – Winter ain’t that far away now.

Today’s run was supposed to be a relaxing pace, work on my cadence and form for 3.0 miles, at about a 9:00 minute pace, errr nope – didn’t happen. I was able to slow down a bit and got over 8:20 for the first mile, then the body just ran the second mile and there was no third mile.

More on that in a minute.

I am really focusing on the 180 SPM because for me I do believe it is part of the solution, along with getting the posture and body aligned for forward motion – not that waddle step that I normally walk and run with.

Finally, I am getting the hang of the Chi Running app on the phone and let it start beeping that frantic 180 SPM beat, before I started my Garmin. It didn’t feel all that hard, but after so many years of 180 SPM being around an 8:00 minute pace…well old habits die hard. So I gotta work on keeping the cadence up and not letting the pace creep up too.

Unfortunately, not everything was all peaches and cream. I had planned on increasing the mileage up to 3.0 miles, but when I got back to our mail box on the second lap – about 1.7 miles into the run, the right hip got a little cranky. Nothing serious, but it was definitely telling me that running an extra 1.3 wasn’t going to happen today. I pushed things to 2.0 miles and called it a day.

As soon as I stopped the hip stopped complaining, so it wasn’t anything overly serious, but at least I sort of listened to my body for a change.

After lunch, we decided to go register the Transit and were pleasantly surprised at the lower than expected costs. I guess a 4 yar old vehicle with low mileage does have its good points. It will be less to register than our 2005 Maxima was – a pretty sweet thing if you ask me.

Unfortunately, when I went out to put on the plates, the bolts that I was given when we bought it were not the correct ones and one of the screw holes was stripped. I probably could have jury-rigged something that would have worked, but we have had it less than 10 days, so when you add on an tire pressure idiot light that wasn’t going out, I decided to visit the dealership.

The Service Department was great and Steve just shook his head when he saw what was going on, they have ordered some new parts and I have an appointment for Thursday to have them installed and get rid of the annoying idiot tire pressure idiot light.

There is always something else of course.

When I got home Mary explained to me as only a frustrated wife can, that the rototiller’s gas lines were all dry rotted and because of that she couldn’t get going on buttoning up the garden. So we went out and manually worked on turning over dirt for a while. Good exercise, but my hip wasn’t really enjoying the workout.

Mary called it quits so we could take Bennie for his last walk. Just in time too, I was ready to stop about ten minutes sooner, but I wasn’t going to say anything since the repair work is on my plate and I had screwed up again with the rototiller. That thing has been the bain of my existance – it is time to get a new one if we are going to keep having a garden.

On the way back from walking Bennie, I was gawking and talking, when Bennie decided to lunge the other way. Unfortunately, he did it at the exact same time I was landing on my right foot.

I about went to the ground – that sudden flare of pain in my hip was excruciating. Then walking back to the house that last 50 yards was not all that much fun. I went inside, sat down and put the ice too it. After that it didn’t feel too bad, but still not that great, but at least I can walk on it. Just one of those things that happens, but damn it hurt like a sumbitch.

Oh well, I plan to take one of those Epsom Salt baths tonight and see where it is in the morning, but it feels like it did a couple of weeks ago – so it is a bit of a setback, but I will see how it feels in the morning. It might mean a couple of days off from running to let it calm down – yet again.

Kind of sucks, but there ain’t nothing you can do about that kind of stuff. Suck it up, smile and let thing heal some more. At some point it will get back to normal and I will be able to start increasing the mileage again.

Gotta stay positive and keep running as best I can.

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