Lancaster Flip Flop – RunLog

This was a LONG day.

I got on the road at 6:20 AM and got home at just about 5:00 PM. In between I made a trip to Waterville, then flipped 4.0 hours to Lancaster, NH (Vermont border) to meet Mary, her sister, SD1 & SD2 at her brother’s.

Since Mary’s brother Phil died last Thursday, things have been a blur of figuring out what to do next. All the planning, setting things in motion, seeing all the people who need to be seen and getting ready for the service on Thursday @1:00 PM.

Then adding in attempting clean out a house that belongs to someone else is a tough thing. You are going through their most private things and seeing how they really lived, then trying to figure out what needs to be kept, what needs to be given away or thrown out is stressful as hell.

So many memories.

We did a bunch of cleaning, loaded up the truck/car, dropped stuff off at local church, loaded up other stuff for the return trip and flopped 3.5 hours back to the house.

Yep, I was tired of driving!

After unloading the truck at the house, I sat for a minute on something that wasn’t moving and decided to go for a run before supper. I felt pretty good…considering how little movement I had been able to do earlier and over 7.0 hours of driving. Surprisingly the first mile split was 8:03, I hadn’t been pushing and had to slow down to av oid the draught horses that were working in the road downback.

By the time I was getting to Bartlett I started cramping up pretty badly and the body was saying “hey guy, you better find a tree and soon”. At almost the 2.0 mile turn-around I had to find tree in the woods, all the crap food I have been eating lately caught up with me and I lost a little weight.

After that I ran a LOT more comfortably.

Coming back, I felt strong and when I got to the bottom gate, Al was there with his oxen, so I stopped and talked for a couple of minutes, at least until the mosquitoes started to carry us off and then I took off up Stevens hill. At least I got a little break, before heading up the hill.

Once I got up the hill, I was able to pickup the pace a little and finished well. The new socks did well in the V11’s, which is nice because I really don’t like running sockless for longer distances, eventually it will catch up to me and some blisters will happen.

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