We Got A Bit Damp – RunLog 5-26-17

The beginnings of a 5-day weekend. My co-worker decided that she didn’t want today off and my boss offered me the opportunity to take today as one of my comp days. I sort of hemmed and hawed, because I knew that the weather was going to be nasty, but just as she was leaving, I decided that it would be a nice day to have off and not have the pressure of “having” to work outside and I could relax a bit, work on finishing the setup on my Linux MacBookPro and get a run in with Bennie.

That was the plan.

Yeah, it rained last night, pretty much like a cow pissing on a flat rock, but by the time Bennie and I finally got around to running at a reasonable hour (10:30 AM) it was just a heavy mist, which really isn’t too bad to run in. 50*F made it a little on the chilly side and the breeze at 10-15 mph at times made it a little chilly on the hands. Enough so that I had them inside the long sleeve tech shirt I was wearing most of the time.

We started out slowly and went by the 1.0 mile mark just under 8:30. Bennie was doing his usual vehicle intervals and I was just trying to keep up at times and then other times, trying to get him going again, where there were good sniffs.

Going down to the end of Pepin I thought the breeze was in our face, but coming back out, it was still in our face, so I don’t have a clue which direction the winds were blowing today, because for an out and back course, the winds stay steadily in our face. Weird.

Bennie did make us stop for a little bit though coming out of Pepin. We running along comfortably and then suddenly I felt a tugging on the leash. Bennie was behind me pooping, while trying to run. I just about bust a gut laughing so hard, but I had to clean up what had trailed behind him and throw it in the woods on the side of the road. Crazy dawg!

After that I had lost my focus and slowed down quite a bit. Although going up the Bitch, Bennie was in 4-paw drive and trying to get home. I have a feeling he was getting a bit chilled, I know I was. One more layer or a light windbreaker would have been nice.

Not a anything special kind of run, but one that I enjoyed and felt pretty good about.

So how did the rest of the day go, pretty much according to plan, we ate a decent lunch, Bennie and I bonded after doing dishes for an hour or so (we slept like logs) and the it was homemade pizza and a hard apple cider for supper.

No, it wasn’t a well planned day off, it was one of those go with the flow kind of days that was definitely needed. Sometimes we just try too hard to do so much, that we forget that it is okay to have a day where we don’t accomplish a whole lot more than get some good rest.

I think Bennie enjoyed it too, having his bonding buddy back.

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