Getting Caught Back Up – RunLog 5-24-17

Yes, I have been running, well I took Sunday and Monday off and well life just got in the way the rest of the time. Also I have been playing with getting my old MacBookPro setup as a Linux laptop and that has taken time away from blogging.

On Saturday, we went up to Newport to visit Dad (he is doing a lot better) and pay respects to my Great Grandparents and Grandparents. We cleaned the graves stones off and put in the flowers.

On the way back we did the same for Mary’s parents.

Then on Sunday, we did the Berlin, NH flip-flop to pay respects to Mary’s family, clean the grave stones a little and put in flowers there. 

After all that driving and not eating normally (yeah, it does make a difference) I was pretty crispy and even on Monday, I was still tired, so I decided to take another day off. It was definitely needed.

Unfortunately, on Monday morning I was putting on my Sweatshirt (after walking Bennie that morning and finding a tick crawling around on me then getting a quick check for more), and suddenly, I felt a pull and a loud snap from my glasses and they suddenly looked like this


Definitely, not the way they are supposed to be. Luckily I have a spare pair and can wear them until I decide what to do next. I am not crazy about my spares, but I can see with them. My old glasses frames were my favorite though and I have replaced the lenses three times and are almost 10 years old.

I will look at getting another pair I have a feeling, sometime in June.

On Tuesday, I ran outside and felt really strong. It is amazing how much difference just a couple of days rest does make. I ran the Leighton Cemetary O/B and without trying ran it almost a minute faster than the first time I ran it. Which meant that I felt pretty good the entire run, I think that I might have even managed to pickup the pace a bit once I got back on Outer Civic Center Dr.

Which was a bit of a mistake, it did bother my left heel area a little more than I wanted after I got done running. I sat down for about 45 minutes back at work and when I got back up, yeah the foot let me know that it wasn’t happy with me. It did loosen back up after I got up and moved around and when I got home I walked a mile with Bennie which  didn’t it bothering too much. So nothing serious, just a warning.

Yeah, I gotta be careful with that speed stuff and not get carried away.

Today, I decided to do a run around UMA and did about half road and half groomed trails, it was nice run and I felt pretty good, but purposely held back on the pacing. I even did the entrance hill and pushed on a couple of the trail hills. A nice run, where I it was a nice run.

There back up to date.

I am liking the Nike Vomero 11 in EE, but I am finding that I do run better in them if I don’t run with socks. I don’t get any hot spots or anything and I love the feel and ride they have, but they need to be just a tad wider to be a comfortable fit for me.






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