Better Weather – RunLog 5-19-17

There the weather was a LOT nicer for running today. When I got out the gym’s door at lunch time it was a light rain and a pretty good breeze out of the NW. I wanted to get at least 40 minutes in during the run and figured that it wouldn’t be too bad at all.

When I got down to the road that leads towards Family Planning, it is a road that I haven’t gone down before and I have always wondered where it leads. About a quarter mile down the road it is closed to pedestrians and there is another NRF warehouse facility. I almost took the 4 wheeler trail I saw, but decided that it wasn’t really a lunch run kind of thing to go exploring and getting lost in the woods, when I had to get back to work.

I just turned around headed back towards the little Citgo station and used that as my turnaround point. It had been light rain and cloudy the whole way, but as soon as I turned around the sun popped out and it started to warm up – quickly.

During the run back to the gym I felt really good and picked up the pace from the stop light to the finish.

Two very different runs in one, but I accomplished what I wanted and felt pretty good

One thing that I have learned over the past couple of days is that if I run without socks in my Nike Vomero 11’s, my right foot doesn’t bother at all when I run, so there is something about the socks I have been wearing that is bothering the hell out of my foot. Time to try some others.

Overall, a good run today.


  1. I think we often underestimate the value of good running socks – I found good no-shows a couple of years ago and bought a dozen more pairs! They are still awesome – use compression socks in winter and these for spring & summer. They have basically no structure, nothing to give a hot spot or other chafing issues.

    Weather has been fun-kee this week – last weekend was cool, then we got over 90F and by dinner last night it was barely 60 and back to spring again today. Oh well – I have zero control or influence over the weather, so I just run 🙂

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    1. Yeah, I have to get some without compression and be very thin to work well for me – it seems. Although I look at a pair of Injini’s again, they did help back a couple of years ago.

      The weather will be whatever it is, we just have to run within our limits and be mindful of changes to our limits over the years. I can no longer ignore that I have more than I used to 😉 – it kind of sucks hehehe

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