A Few More Changes – Week In Review 4/23/17

Well there, a week of being sick, not feeling too bad, feeling like crap and back to just pushing through feeling like crap. I hate weeks like that, you aren’t feeling bad enough to stay home from work, but you sure as hell are not your normal, zippy self and just try to tough things out. That was pretty much the story of last week and then finally on Saturday – well I gave in.


For me to sit around and not do too much more than work on the computer, sleep and walk Bennie, well that means things ain’t all that good. I felt a bit better Sunday, but I am still not back to 100%, closer to 70%, so it will have to do.

Okay enough whining.


Running was tough all week, I managed to get in 25 miles, with a couple of days off. I would not call any of them great runs, more just running to get miles in. I was supposed to race a 5K in Unity (fast-ass course) and didn’t even try to go on Saturday because of how bad I felt. Which sucked.

weekly summary 4-23-17

I am seriously considering taking a week off from running to recharge the batteries, let the niggles that have accumulated heal a bit, see if the PF improves any and just let the body rest after a really tough winter.

Yes, it has been a pretty tough winter.

We will see on that, but it is something that is rattling around in my head right now.

Overall the month is still moving along pretty well and even if I do take the rest of it off, I will have over 100 miles, which is one of my goals for this year, stay over 100 miles a month.

weekly review 4-23-17

I did add a section to the spreadsheet, all those damn running shoes that I have run in this year AND the reason why I am not running in them now.

After getting the 880 v2’s, I have figured out they are less for running and more walking and wearing to work, so I will probably move them off the active running shoe rotation list.

When I look back and match up the Achilles tendon issues I have been having lately and when I run in the Rush, they seem to bother my left Achilles a bit (I go faster and the drop is lower). So I will let them collect dust for a few weeks to let that resolve before I run in them again.


The Saucony Guides have broke in about as much as they are going to and I am pretty happy with how they are doing (50 mile review this week), but I have a feeling that I will look for a more cushioned EE shoe when these need to be replaced. Something in the NB 1080, Saucony ISO Triumph or Nike Vomero class maybe.


Well, I have moved completely away from Windows for my personal use and have booted up my primary laptop to only Ubuntu Mate. You can read more about the reasons here, but moving to the Mate OS, felt pretty natural for me. An OS that is not as reliant on the Internet to work well.

Screenshot at 2017-04-22 20-17-59

While it takes longer to setup than a new Windows machine or a Chromebook, I think once I get things the way that I want them, I will be pretty happy with Ubuntu Mate. It is sort of a cross between the Mac and PC operating systems, with the best of both worlds.

Although I did have to chuckle when I got the email from Microsoft yesterday, saying that I was over my account limit and that my OneDrive account would be frozen.

onedrive over limits

I had forgotten that my Free 365 account was expiring and that I would go back to my old 40gb of space in their cloud, that I had accumulated over the years this month. So I did chuckle a little when I got that email. It was pretty much okay, I am over the limit and you are going to freeze my account that I have had since 1996 as an original hotmail.com account.

No problem.

So I went in deleted everything but a few videos of my running form that I hadn’t uploaded to YouTube, my OneNote notebooks and a few documents. The rest was all in my Google Drive or my backup drive.

No, it wasn’t a big deal especially since I hadn’t used OneDrive for quite a while and don’t see me heading back into the Microsoft silo anytime soon. Especially, since I attempted to go back a little in February and it was so difficult to get things done in there that I gave up and just kept using everything Google and now that I am using Ubuntu Mate as my primary operating system.

Maybe I am getting old and crotchety, but the more I think about it, with the way the Internet privacy is disappearing (not that it was ever all that great) and my personal data is becoming less and less my data. The idea of having a computer setup that does not need a Internet connection to work well is not a bad idea. Keep things updated, put a few of MY games on there that I enjoy, make it so I can listen to MY music, look at MY photos and can do some work if I need to – I will be all set when the Internet crashes and burns.

I have a feeling at some point the hackers, government or something will screw things up so badly online, that the landscape will be vastly different than it is today.

Plus using something that is not main stream appeals to my independent streak, that I don’t have to have someone else remotely holding the reins to my computer when I am on it or at least I can make believe that is the case.

Overall, a decent end to a tough week, where I have made some significant changes in my tech life and my running is getting a second look too.



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