Outside and then Inside – RunLog 3-22-17

I wasn’t too sure about running outside this morning. When Bennie and I went on our morning walk, there was a significant amount of black ice on the road, but at least we could see where it was. Then about 5 minutes into the walk, the winds came up and shortly after that a white squall roared through.

Lots of black ice and then a white squall came through this morning. The winds came and made it single digit wind chills.

Normally, this ain’t a big deal, but combined with the black ice, which was now covered, well I waited a bit before we ran after breakfast. By the time we got out there things were melting a bit, plus the town crew had come through and put some sand down.

It just meant that I had to pay attention to where I was putting my feet and not push the pace too much while I was figuring out where the ice patches were on the first lap. Once I did that we did pick it up a little the rest of the way.

Also the winds were out of the northwest, which made coming back down Philbrick a pain and the 24*F with the wind chills became a lot closer to 7*F. So while I got the run done, it was not one of those fun and pleasant ones where you get out there and enjoy things – this was a get-r-done run.

The 860 v6, didn’t bother the PF at all??? Gonna keep an eye on how it feels in the different shoes.

  • Distance: 4.07
  • Time: 36:24
  • Pace: 8:56
  • Shoes: New Balance 860 v6
  • Average Heartbeat: 127
  • Average Cadence: 168

Run #2

The second run was inside this afternoon, with the winds whipping the way they were, I was feeling wimpy and headed to Planet Fitness to get reacquainted with their treadmill again.

After this morning’s “interesting” run (see above), I wasn’t sure how the legs would respond to bouncing around on the tready. I started out at 7.2 mph, moved to 7.3 mph after a mile and was feeling pretty comfortable. So of course I bumped it up to 7.6 mph  for another mile. I was planning to stop at 3.0 and get back to work, but I saw that as I was getting ready to hit 3.0 that I had about 10 more minutes than I expected.

Now what does any runner do with an extra 10 minutes, why keep running of course.

So I did another mile with .75 at 7.7 mph and the last quarter I had planned on doing race pace i.e. 8.6 mph (sub 7:00) and accidentally kept going and stopped on 9.0 mph. so I made that split second decision to see if I could do a quarter at that speed. Some things creaked and complained a little to start off and towards the end the breathing got a little ragged, but for the most part I felt strong going a bit faster than usual.

  • Distance: 4.0
  • Time: 31:43
  • Pace: 7:56
  • Average Heartrate: 146
  • Average Cadence: 172

The Vazee Rush v2’s did not bother at all during the run and the left foot was feeling just fine all day in the 860 v6’s, so it is looking more and more that the culprit that is irritating my PF are the 860 v5’s. I will take a few more days off of the v5’s and then wear them to see what happens.

It would really suck if they are the problem, because I do like them, but…if they bother my PF, it ain’t worth the hassle and the pain in the bottom of my foot.






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