A Quicker Run – RunLog 3-18-17

Yes, yesterday’s day off was definitely needed and the legs, body and mind all felt better as a result. Which meant that I wanted to get the Vazee Rush v2’s out for a quicker run down to Pepin and see how they performed off the treadmill, but not anything at race pace – my body ain’t ready for that yet.


Of course, Bennie was ready to run and would have been a real pissant if I had left him behind after not too many runs this week. Yeah, he went along or is that he lead most of the way.

I worked on my mechanics until we started down the Bitch, just to get used to the feel of the V/Rush v2’s outside. I know that I run differently outside than I do on the treadmill and I needed to get used to the Rush since they have about half the drop that I have been running in recently.

No, I wasn’t on my toes going down the hill, but as crazy as it sounds, I wasn’t pounding my heels nearly as much as I usually do – it felt good. However, the Rush felt fairly cushioned going downhill when I did land on my heels – much better than many of racing shoes I have run in do.

Once I hit the flats, I just cruised, I wasn’t out to break speed records or anything, but I wasn’t wasting a lot of time (for me) either.

Then down on Pepin, some idiot in a truck decided to see how close he could ride to us. Usually, vehicles stay on their side of the road and Bennie goes into 4-Paw drive to race them dragging my fat-ass along too.

Suddenly, I see out of the corner of my eye a freaking Ford truck fender almost close enough to reach out and touch and even closer a black side towing mirror going by me.

No, the truck wasn’t going fast, but I was on the other side of the road from where it was supposed to be and the truck came within a couple of feet of clipping me with its f#$%ing towing mirror.


Of course Bennie was going balls-to-the-wall doing his race the truck routine and dragging me along at close to 6:00 pace (not at all what I was looking for), finally sir or madame shithead  moved over and moved on down the road. The windows were black-out style windows, so I couldn’t see what the driver was doing or who it was. Hell, I was so busy staying upright and moving forward quickly, that I didn’t have time to salute the arsehole appropriately.

Luckily we were in a section that was completely clear, just bit up the road, we did come up on an icy patch-running that fast over the black ice would not have been good.

Although when I went by the house where the truck was parked (no one was in it), I might have raised my right hand and saluted. Yeah, I was a little pissed about the whole thing.  It was totally unnecessary for whoever it was to have gotten so close to use. If Bennie had verred suddenly to the right – it would have been bad, real bad.

Oh well, the Rush’s didn’t get in the way and let me run pretty quickly for a short distance.

Once we got down to the end of Pepin, I purposely cut it back a bit to not screw anything up, it was still only 25*F, so it wasn’t like running in warmer temps and the old body, doesn’t do as well when it comes to running faster in the cold. Things (muscles, tendons, etc.) tend to go pop, crackle, snap too easily if I attempt to do too much too soon.

It is still too soon.

That was the other reason that I go so frustrated with the truck.

I slowed down quite a bit going up the hill and then picked it back up a little more for the last mile. Even though I pretty much shut down attempting to run too fast, I still finished the run with an 8:00 minute pace overall. So it was a pretty quick run outside for me.


The New Balance Vazee Rush v2’s did everything I asked of them, although I have a feeling that I am really going to have to pay attention to my left plantar facia and do a lot more manipulation and golf balling. Something about running faster that bothers it a little more than when I just plod along.

Overall a good run and I was pretty impressed with how the Rush worked outside. They have a nice combination of cushioning and lightness that I am enjoying running in them.

  • Distance: 4.01
  • Time: 32:05
  • Pace: 8:00
  • Shoes: New Balance Vazee Rush v2
  • Average Heart Rate: 143
  • Average Cadence: 174

Better run than I expected, although Bennie did have his moments.

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