Warm Temps – Week in Review 2/26/17

Last week the big snow storm with over 30 inches of the white stuff was the big news, this week the weather was just the opposite. I don’t know if we hit any records or not, but being able to run in shorts and a long sleeve tech shirt was sure nice. The snow pack has melted down and the roofs are pretty much clear, so the warmer temps got rid of most of the blizzard that wandered through.


Although as I write this, the temps are back to a bit more seasonable with low’s 20*F and a breeze. Definitely needed to wear my winter gear for Bennie’s walk this morning.

Well enough about the crazy weather, what happened this week for me and running.

Last week we stopped at the New Balance Factory Outlet and I picked up a pair of EE width running shoes. It is pretty amazing to me what an ext 1/8″ or 1/4″ width mean to my bunion and how good it feels when I get to running. I didn’t realize how cramped my feet were in D-width shoes, until I got into the EE’s.


Also, I have gone back to a style of running shoe that I wore, before I started reading “Born to Run” and all the blogs devoted to minimalist running back then. It wasn’t really by choice, it was more that is what felt best on my feet that afternoon – the New Balance 860 v6 in a EE. A very traditional motion control trainer, that comes in just under 11.0 oz.

I have already run over 40 miles in them since I got them, with an 8.0 miler in the books too. So far I am pleasantly surprised at how well I am running in them.


Well enough that when we went to Oxford yesterday, I stopped at the New Balance outlet down there and ended up picking up another pair of 860’s only version 5 (which is a bit lighter). I got the 860’s despite trying on Vazee’s (different styles), 880’s and a few other styles. The 860’s just seem to fit my feet best, even though I ain’t too crazy about gray as the primary color.

Now when I put on my D-width shoes to walk in them, I can feel the sidewalls pressing against the outside of my foot and pushing my little toe inwards. Not the feeling that I want in my shoes – now that I know the difference.

Now to get the socks right and all will be good with my feet.


I did make it to 40 miles for the week and even had a 8.0 mile run in the fog. So I was happy with how the feet felt. The only thing with a constant diet of 12mm drop shoes is that my hamstrings need to be strengthened.

I have had some snappier runs and don’t feel overly beat-up with the shoe style change. I have been moving in the motion control direction for about 6 months, so it wasn’t as drastic a change for me, as it would have been last year at this time.


Overall, I was very happy with the week and the best part was that the snowblower stayed in the garage. Although I did have to laugh on Saturday when I shoveled out the garage side door, my Garmin selected swimming as the activity I had done. Let’s see lots of upper body work, but no floating.

Spring is coming, but we still have March to get through.






13 responses to “Warm Temps – Week in Review 2/26/17”

  1. txa1265 Avatar

    Yes indeed – we got the ‘heat wave’, and are slated for a few nice days this week … but have to remember that March comes in like a M-F’er and leaves only when forced out by April, which can choose to do whatever it damn well pleases. 🙂

    I love the EE discovery – that is awesome! It is amazing once you find something that fits that you suddenly feel like your eyes have been opened … or at least you gain a better perspective on what NOT fitting right feels like. I have been lucky, but definitely found my ‘too little shoe’ boundary, and also how much fit deviation I can handle before my ankles get bloody :). Excited to see how they continue to work for you.

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    1. Harold L. Shaw Avatar

      March seems to be coming in like a lamb which doesn’t usually mean it will end well. Oh well, spring will get here when it does and the temperature/weather fluxing will be what it is, it is just that the swings are getting more extreme. One week 30″ of snow and the next 50*F, weather warfare at work to mess with our minds. 🙂

      The two things I am finding is that the foot doesn’t hurt at the end of a run, something I just accepted as my normal and it was just a matter of how much it hurt, not if. Feels good to run without that distraction.

      The other thing is that I am wearing the correct lenght running shoe, which means that the flex points are where they are supposed to be on my feet, instead for a size 9 foot. It does make a difference with the slappiness that a shoe. I now have two pair of EE shoes and there is a difference.


  2. wanderwolf Avatar

    gasp are those shorts? 🙂
    Looks like a great week, and glad the snowblower stayed in the garage.

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    1. wanderwolf Avatar

      P.s. I have little idea about shoes, which is why I didn’t comment on them. I found for myself that I need more stability as well, though.


      1. Harold L. Shaw Avatar

        I am finding that having the right length shoe and flexing the shoes where they are designed to on the foot makes the shoes a lot less slappy and for smoother heel-to-toe transitions.

        Although I do find that if I have too much medial posting it does bother the knees a little more. A wider shoe is inherently a bit more stable and I can probably get by with a little less posting. Maybe this summer I will try the 880’s. However, I have a feeling that I will keep running in a more traditional trainer, but attempt to keep them in the 9.5 to 10.5 ounce range. I just feel more comfortable with a lighter shoe.

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      2. wanderwolf Avatar

        I know what you mean. But it seems you’ve gone for a wider shoe and may never go back!
        I myself find myself just trying any shoe I can afford, and running them to the ground. Occasionally I do have to donate a pair that just doesn’t work for me at all.

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      3. Harold L. Shaw Avatar

        I have a feeling that I won’t be able to go back, already when I put on my older shoes, they feel wrong and not nearly as comfortable. I am lucky because I can wear running shoes to work and not get hassled about it. Now that I don’t review shoes as a part of my professional life, I buy mostly last year’s models on Amazon or Runner’s Warehouse, Olympia or go to factory outlets to get cheaper deals. I have a feeling that the two New Balance Factory Outlets in the area will see a lot more of me to get their EE width shoes. I have donated 8 pair of running shoes since the first of the year and know of at least 4 more pair that will be leaving shortly. I tried them on yesterday and said nope ain’t gonna work.

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      4. wanderwolf Avatar

        Well then, get rid of them before they cause you harm!

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      5. Harold L. Shaw Avatar

        They are sitting in a bag waiting to leave as we speak 🙂

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      6. wanderwolf Avatar

        Good, also sorry if I posted two replies to some of your posts. I have an issue with internet at the moment, :/

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    2. Harold L. Shaw Avatar

      Shorts and ugly legs 🙂 hehehe

      Liked by 1 person

      1. wanderwolf Avatar

        Nah. Runner’s legs are never ugly!


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