First Run New Balance 860 v6 2E

After thinking about it for about week, I went ahead and got a pair of shoes in 2E.

Not exactly the ones that I thought it would be, but it seems like the ones that I need. After my post on the differences of shoe width, I had to try on something wider than my usual “D” width and wanted/needed to actually try them on.


Backup a bit.

Over the past week I have been doing online research and from what I could gather, in the local area, the best bet for finding decent running shoes in 2E were more than likely going to be New Balance. Especially since there is an Outlet Store over in Skowhegan.

After doing my research this week I really wanted to look at the following New Balance Offerings:

  1. 1080 2E
  2. 880 2E
  3. Vazee (line) 2E

Unfortunately, they didn’t have any of the first two in stock (or my size) and only had the Vazzee v1 in a Run Disney edition, but no 2E. Which meant I was limited in my selection.

After looking around, it seemed as the the best fit for what I was looking for were the 860’s and the 860’s had a size 8.5 in 2E. Unfortunately, when I tried it on, it was a bit long. It would have worked, but I wanted to try on an size 8.0 2E to see if it fit better.

The salesperson was very helpful and found a Run Disney 860 in size 8.0 2E. When I put it on there was no doubt in my mind it was the best fitting shoe I had on my foot in many years. When I walked the foot splayed naturally, none of that resting against the sidewall or should I say pushing – it just felt good.

I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the Mickey Mouse theme and the black shiny vinyl around the shoe. However, the fit and feel made up for the Disney edition completely and I got them, along with a NB L/S tech shirt and a hat. Mary even found a pair of walking shoes there and some running shirts, so we both walked out happy.

I purposely didn’t weigh them before I ran, so I wouldn’t have that information effecting my initial opinion of the 860’s. They felt a bit heavier than the listed 10.2 oz, but I didn’t want that to be a distraction when forming my opinion of them.

Surprisingly, I had a quiet stride from the start and although my body is still kind of tired/tight from the hell week of snow removal, I felt comfortable running in the shoes. There was a difference with the length being correct that I immediately noticed. Also the width just felt right.

The 10-15 mph breeze in my face was a lot more distracting than the 860’s. I figured that I might as well do my test course and went down the hill towards the fire station and then down to Pepin. No issues with the shoes, the seam on the socks I was wearing caused a little distraction, but the shoes were doing what they were supposed to – not getting in the way of my running.

Coming back up the Bitch they did well. The body is not ready for any speed work after last week, so I kept things going based on effort only and didn’t attempt to pick up the pace.

What I liked:

  • Comfortable
  • No issues with my right foot
  • Firm, but cushioned – yeah as if that makes any sense.
  • Quiet for the amount of rubber underfoot.
  • Actually a nice looking running shoe.

Didn’t Like

  • Not too crazy about the shoe laces.
  • The outsole is a road outsole only and won’t be much good in snow or anything other than light trails, but should be fine once down-back dries up.


  • Yeah, the Disney edition added about 0.6 ounce to the listed weight of 10.2 for a size 9.0 and I am not sure how much being a 2E added to shoe, but they came in at 10.8 ounces. Not quite what I like, but I will live with it based on how well my right foot felt during and after the run. I can always say there is a bunch of road stuff in the grooves that added weight onto to the shoes. 🙂



The 860’s will never be speed demon shoes, but that ain’t what I got them for in the first place. I have my AB3’s for tempo, speed work and racing. I got the 860’s to be my primary outside running shoe for long runs, recovery runs and just plain old running in. I imagine that they will have a little extra pop when the weather breaks.


However, they I have a feeling that they will do just fine for what I got them for and they have the appearance of being more durable than some of the other shoes I have run in lately.


A very good first impression.


    • Yeah, over the years I have tried running in New Balance several times, but never found the correct ones to run in. However, with the lack of selection in running shoes locally, I wanted to try a pair of 2E’s on before buying them to see if they were actually what I needed. I am not ready to say they are the whole solution, but it seems to be working well after the first run. Plus we do have a factory in Skowhegan, so I do like that part. 🙂 We will see how it goes.


      • Nice. I am a big fan of made in USA. Their corporate hq is in sight of my girls old high school. They are building a huge complex next to wgbh in Brighton. Maybe I’ll give them another shot someday.


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