Just a Bit Busy – Week Ending 12-18-16

Sometimes life, weather and work get in the way of running, that is what happened to last week.


It was finals week at work, so that meant any extra brain-power that I still have left in the old noggin was devoted to work related stuff and putting more than a couple extra hours.

So I didn’t have a lot left for writing on the blog.

Week of Running


Then the weather decided to also play with my ability to get my runs in. Running in the snow on Monday wasn’t bad, but when you add in the next day stuff of being a bit chilly and shitty footing, I prefer to skip those days.

Tuesday was nasty footing, so a DNR in the log and no interest in a lunch run.

Wednesday and Thursday were a couple of decent runs.

Friday was the last day of finals, so I had to go in early = no morning run, plus the -10 or so and the wind chills down in -30’s*F made me not miss running outside all that much.

Saturday was a work day to process all the incoming tests from our sites/centers and still pretty damn cold way to start the day. When I got out after 3:00, I was looking at 5-6 inches in the parking lot. Like an idiot, I forgot to put the truck in 4WD (yeah, I was brain-dead) and was wondering why it was not doing its usual great job in the snow and crap. About a mile down the road I finally figured it out, the driving became a lot less of an adventure (the ass-end stayed where it was supposed to). Then when I got home 2 hours of playing with the snow-scoop was the order of business. So no running that day.

Sunday – Just didn’t happen. I thought about heading out a couple of times, but never did. Totally wiped from the week that was.

Four days of no running and 3 days in a row off. Not too many lunch runs or before work ones.

Twice a year I plan on cut-back weeks – they tend to coincide with Finals week, because I know that I will not get a lot of miles in during that time. There is just too much going on.


Finals week has become my rest week physically (if you don’t count snow removal time, crawling around under the house to get the water working as working out this time) and now it is time to get back to actually running again. 🙂






One response to “Just a Bit Busy – Week Ending 12-18-16”

  1. Andy Avatar

    Enjoy the snow! We have some ice and a few patches of snow down here. Can’t wait until June.

    Liked by 1 person

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