It is Getting Colder and I am Getting Older

As I sit here looking out at the crows, bluejays and squirrels feeding in the backyard, the temp is hovering right around 20*F outside and the grass is covered in frost. When I look out the other window the Cherokee is covered with a heavy frost and the windows will need to be scrapped before anyone can drive it. There is also a pretty good chance of getting some snow today and later in the week.

So while the calendar says it is still fall, the weather and my body are telling me that winter is now heah.


Last night was what I call the killing frost, since it was down in the teens most of the night and the grass that was amazingly still green on the lawn yesterday, will now start to turn brown.

It is the time of year that with each passing year, I start to dread more and more.

There is something about the temperature dropping that affects me more with the passage of time. The joints seem to ache more in the cold, the cold is colder no matter what the thermometer says and I don’t enjoy being outside when I have to wear 2-3 layers, plus a running jacket, winter hat, mittens, merino wool socks, just to get outside to do a few miles.

I am no longer that get out in all weather tough old bastid who wouldn’t miss a day outside no matter what.

Yeah, I guess that I am getting wimpy in my dotage.

Which means that more of my runs this winter will be on the treadmill, where I can run in shorts and a t-shirt and be much more comfortable.

Hell, even Bennie my spastic long legged Jack Russell Terrier who always was so impervious to the cold weather, seems to notice the cold a lot more each year. He is now somewhere between 8 and 9, which makes him pretty close to my age in dog years and this morning instead of wanting to do his normal morning mile walk, he went about 50 yards did his business, looked up the road, looked back at the driveway and headed straight back to the driveway.

Sometimes he is smahter than I am.

I used to wonder why my grandparents and even my parents all seemed to complain more about the cold weather, the older they got. Now I am at the age they were and I understand a lot better.

Cold gets under your skin faster the older you get.

I suppose I could become a snow-bird and head to Florida or Arkansas for the winters, but the summers are just too brutal, but the idea of only a few days of sub-freezing a year is starting to sound appealing versus the 4-5 months that I will have to deal with going forward.

Oh, the joys of it getting colder and me getting older.

Kind of like life as I approach the winter of mine.

Well time to get up from the table, do the dishes and put on those winter running clothes and see how far Bennie wants to run this morning. It is still only 22*F, so it has warmed up a tad.

7 thoughts on “It is Getting Colder and I am Getting Older

  1. Watching the animals is both sad and yet very telling … the ‘baby’ of our crew is 9.5 (one of the Norfolk terriers), with a 10 year old (indoor, basement dwelling rescue) cat, nearly 13 year old Norfolk and almost 16 year old cat rounding out the pack!

    None of the animals are thrilled about the cold, and even our fearless younger terrier now looks up at me almost saying ‘do I REALLY have to go out’? Our old cat will be outside for ~23 hours all summer long – it used to include spring & fall, but now he is inside for most of the day. But since he has cancer we decided not to operate on in 2012, he has a pretty great quality of life and we are happy to have him around.

    We were looking through pictures for our Christmas card and saw a bunch of my sub-zero runs from last winter … which was ‘mild’ – and thought ‘ugh’, I was NOT ready for THIS yet! And yes, we had snow overnight, but lucked out and the temperature stayed around 30F, meaning it was a pretty and not too cold morning run.

    As we all say – getting older sucks but is better than the alternative 🙂 And every area comes with trade-offs, so we just choose what hits most of our priority list, right? And when it comes down to it, aside from heading to the west coast (Silicon Valley or Seattle area), I can’t see leaving the northeast. Corning is already further west than I would prefer 🙂

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    1. Yeah, it is all about quality of life for our critters and us. I really don’t see me moving anywhere else and I don’t see me stopping my running anytime soon, so it comes with the territory that I choose to live in. We just finished a quick 4.0 miles in 21*F (but no wind to speak of) and Bennie was balking going out until we got to the road and he just figured out the sooner we do this the sooner I can cuddle up on the couch (guess where he is as I write this) ;-). Looking at the radar, we are getting what you had.

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    1. I am spending more time on the treadmill for my lunch runs, but now that Bennie is healing up from his surgery, I will be back outside more.

      April will be heah before we know it – Thankfully 😉


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