Fascination or Obsession – Puma Mobium Line

Have you ever been totally obsessed with something that just doesn’t make a bit sense?

You  can’t understand why and when in the past you have gotten them, for whatever reason they just didn’t work for you, but it didn’t stop you from wanting to try them – again.

It is irrational, illogical, unreasonable, unjustifiable, absurd, preposterous and all those other words that we use to describe, us wanting something and not have any valid reason for our fascination with it.

That is how I am with the Puma Mobium line of running shoes.

Once upon a time, well a couple of years ago, I was going to wear-test for Puma, but come to find out, even though I wear primarily size 8.5 or 9.0 in most running shoes, when I submitted my Brannock device photo, my actual foot size is closer 7.5 or 8.0, so I didn’t meet the sizing necessary to be a wear-tester.

Bummer dude.

I even went down to Boston and met with the good folks from Puma’s wear-test division, to see why.

Pretty simple – my feet are too small.


As a sort of get out here and stop bothering us kind of thing (plus they were really nice), they did give me a pair of prototype Mobium Rides which came out the following spring. Now I really loved those shoes, they felt fast as hell and I ran well in them and most of all the stride felt right for me, but they were too darn small. So I passed them on to SD1.

However, the fascination with the Mobium line had been kick-started.

There was something about them that just clicked for me and how I wanted to feel in my running shoes.

I went ahead and got a pair of the Mobium Elites v2 and had run well outside in them a couple of times, but the heel design wasn’t concave (yes, I heel strike) and hurt my heels to use them inside on the treadmill.


I was going to go back to using them for outside running, which didn’t seem to bother as much when the weather cleared. Only one problem, I accidentally left them on the bench at the gym the last time I ran in them, someone else decided that they liked them more than I did and they disappeared. Again, bummer.

Almost every time I look at a new pair of running shoes, I go back to look at another pair of the Mobium line – the Ride or Swiftstrike’s, but not the Elite’s. However, it doesn’t look like Puma is actively developing the Mobium line any longer and most models are a couple of years old, so I have been hesitant to pull the trigger on getting another pair and ended up going in a different direction each time.

The other night I got to thinking about the Mobium’s again when their “friends and family email came out”. I did some re-reading on all the good and bad things that were said about them, which got me to thinking about getting another pair.

Then while I was talking with D2 on Facebook, she made an offer I couldn’t refuse and we worked out the logistics of getting me a pair of Puma Mobium Swiftstrike’s as my Christmas present along with their generous 30% off Black Friday promo code – which made them a lot cheaper and less of a risk.

Screenshot from Puma.com

Now let’s be real, I don’t need another pair of running shoes, (about like I need another hole in my head), I have a 3 shoe rotation that is working great and have plenty of mileage left in them. I am also pretty sure that Bennie has already gotten me a couple of pair of running shoes that will be under the tree.

Which means that the Mobium’s are a want, definitely not a need.

However, another pair of Mobium’s will make it into the house. Hopefully, the third time, is a charm, but either way I will learn how the Mobium line works for me.

Yes, I know when it comes to shoes and probably a few other things oo, I am a bit obsessive, but my fascination with the Mobium running shoe’s are just one of those things and until I actually get a chance to do more than  a few runs in them, I will always wonder – what if.

This should be interesting.

5 thoughts on “Fascination or Obsession – Puma Mobium Line

  1. Sometimes it is like the line from Dirty Harry “I gots to know…” You just can’t drop it until you know for sure.

    I know that I liked the New Balance Minimus when I first tried them on but didn’t buy them, then after saying that someone ‘Secret Santa’ mailed me a pair (still don’t know), which didn’t fit right, and they didn’t have the right size so I just returned them … and then on a big sale the following year grabbed the right size, and found … they didn’t work as well for me as others, and chafed at my lower ankle, and were the shortest lasting shoes I have ever worn. So now I know 🙂

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    • Yeah, I know what you mean and yes I tried those NB’s, didn’t work at all for me and the way I run. Probably should have named this post “I GOTTA KNOW!”, if the blue ones in the photo had fit right in the toe box, they would have been a wonderful shoe, but they were a woman’s model, so they were a “B” width, the length I would have gotten by with, since the toe box was higher. I have a feeling that these will give me a good idea of what I probably missed out on. Just the way it works sometimes.

      Although yesterday, I was skulking around e-bay and came across a pair of adidas blue dillinger web marathon trainers that I have been wanting forever. I was good and didn’t do it, even though it was probably my last chance to get a pair. Sometimes shoes that worked well at 25, ain’t gonna work at all at 60 heehehe.


  2. […] These are simply a shoe that I have wanted for a couple of years, but never quite got around to getting…when D2 offered to get me a pair of running shoes that I wouldn’t normally get — for an early Christmas present. More on why these shoes here. […]


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