Bennie’s View Down-back

from Instagram:
We were running down-back and had just finished a Bennie stop. When before we got going again, he stood in the road and didn’t move, with his tail straight back. Over the years we have run together, when he does that, I stop and look around carefully – it usually means something is there he is either unsure of or that is a threat.
I looked and couldn’t see anything, so I kneeled down to get his perspective and grabbed my camera to document…whatever he was looking at?
I still don’t have a clue what he was so intently staring at, but a few seconds later, he stopped staring and tugged on the leash to get going in that direction.
So we did and I still don’t know what to hell he was looking at?

1 Comment

  1. It is interesting what they will react to – a faint smell, a subtle sound, something beyond the reach of our senses … but they are seldom wrong. Especially terriers …


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