Adios 3’s Outside & a Crazy B$#@!

This is one of those days, I want to talk about my run this morning.

Yeah, it was one of the better ones I have had lately, but it is about more than just me bragging about how great a runner I am – yeah right.

We are pretty close to the middle of November, it is supposed to be chilly, but when I went out for my run I had on shorts, a short sleeve tech shirt and a long sleeve tech shirt. In other words, it was almost 50*F, 8 mph breeze out of the west and lots of sunshine.

Definitely, not typical for this time of year.

So I decided instead of doing a longer run, that I would do a faster for me run and use my new Adidas Adios 3’s to see how they would do outside and if my initial impressions on the treadmill carried over on the road and down-back.


As you can see, I started out comfortably and once I got off the hill, I wanted to pick up the pace to see how the AB3’s felt on the flat at race pace (well faster than race pace it turned out). No issues other than I wanted to keep going at that pace.

Stoopid Harold – almost won out, but you can see that Bennie decided it was time to stop, so I stopped being stoopid and just relaxed a little and ran comfortably. One problem running comfortably ended up being  about 40 seconds faster pace than the old body is used to.

I  didn’t mean to go that much faster, but everything felt great…the shoes said go faster and for some reason an idiot was listening to the shoes.

Finally, I got it through my head that I didn’t need to go that fast and slowed down a bit before the 1.0 mile mark. Even so, I still “managed” to have a 7:30 for that first mile. A bit faster than I expected.

Well at least until I got down past the little bump and I could hear this vehicle coming up from Tiffany Road. I could hear it hit the dirt and it wasn’t slowing down. Holy shit, I pulled Bennie to short lead and headed for the opposite ditch as fast as we could.

It was a good thing I did, a woman driving an SUV came up over the ledges and around the corner bouncing and attempting to hold onto what was probably an accidental Tokyo drift around the dirt road’s corner doing about 60 mph and spitting dirt everywhere. We headed even further into the ditch.

I yelled at her “SLOW TO FUCK DOWN!!!!” and waved my hand in a slow-it down motion. I think she slowed down enough to not dump it on its side. She went by us about 3 feet from the boulder we were hiding behind, flying her middle finger and gunned it hard, flying, up and over the hill . I could hear her picking up speed again on the other side.

Crazy Bitch!

No I wasn’t impressed and am still a more than a little pissed that someone would put us in danger like that. Yeah, I have had shit happen before when running, but I really think that is the closest we have come to being hit, while running down-back.

No, not a fun experience and yes, I continued to give her a piece of my mind, using words that turned the air a LOT blue. My first Chief Boatswain’s mate on the SPAR would have been proud of the way, I put all those wonderful words together.

We kept running and did pick it up a little due to the adrenaline burger we both had just forced on us.

After that I wasn’t really focused on running and just ran – I was pretty well pissed off. Going up the hill, I didn’t even try to push, I just plugged along and then Bennie got the idea it was time to pick it back up.

We did a little, not a lot and when I thought about really picking it up the last 200 yards, Bennie decided it was time to play tug-o-war. So I gave up my idea of going after a faster final kick.

How did the Adidas Adios 3 do outside?

They felt good, no issues and I wanted to run faster in them. Faster than the shape I am in right now. The AB3’s feel more cushioned when running slower and the forefoot feels like a higher stack height than it is. However, they really shined when I got up to that magical (for me) sub 7:00 minute pace. That mortal runner’s pace that is pretty quick for an older fart, especially during a training run.

A good run and a good test on how well the Adios 3’s would do.

They passed.

I hope that the crazy lady driving that SUV didn’t have something going on in her life that caused her to drive like that, but damn, I sure did feel very uncomfortable the way she went by us and am not a bit sorry about yelling and swearing at her for it.

2 thoughts on “Adios 3’s Outside & a Crazy B$#@!

  1. The weather has been pretty good – and when the forecast is off in the mornings for me, it is generally warmer (was supposed to be 24 this morning, but instead it is 30). I’ll take it!

    And yeah, people are really crazy with their driving. That has been the one constant through my running history – crazy dangerous drivers with something to prove. Lately it seems I mostly end up with people so close to the car in front of them that they can’t see me (on roads with very little extra width to them). Or people who intentionally cause trouble. Ugh.

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    • Yeah, I know usually up heah it is the pick-up guys playing chicken that don’t understand, especially when I am on the other side of the road and they cross over and blare their horn and scare the crap out of you or try to hit you with beer bottle or something. It ain’t quite as bad as it was in the 80’s, but seems to be getting worse again.

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