A Little Time on The Rail Trail

I know that this morning I published a post on no longer being a RunBlogger and here I am tonight writing a post about my run today.

What’s wrong Harold can’t you make up your frigging mind?

I have made up my mind, but my choice also means that I get to write about what ever to hell I want to write about. Which means every so often, when I have a training run that I want to remember for a particular reason, I will write about it here.

It just will not be every day, but my running escapades are still a huge part of my attempts at making the Grim Reaper laugh a little.

IMG_20161104_151407246_HDR.jpgI got off work early this afternoon, due to some schedule rearranging and stuff, so I decided to go for an easy run down on the Rail Trail in Augusta, I haven’t run there in a long time.  It is mostly flat with a random bump here or there and except in Hallowell, I don’t have fight traffic and can focus on running.

Which is exactly what I did today – focused on my running. 

The temps were in the mid 40’s with a 10-15 mph winds out of WNW and for once I didn’t overdress. I had planned on going to the gym for lunch, so I had to scrounge out a long sleeve tech shirt (the one stashed in the truck), only had shorts and no hat or gloves or anything. Although I would have really liked some light-weight gloves – the wind was chilling on exposed fingers.

Going out until I turned around I was running right into the sunfield (I wanted my ballcap badly on the way out), so I didn’t get a lot of looking around or anything and just focused on maintaining a comfortably hard pace to see how long I could maintain it.

By the time I turned around, just before the little hill in Hallowell, I could feel a little reminder from my leg to not get too froggy. I had been rolling along nicely and had thought about picking it up a little more. I kept it simple got back to my pace and just stayed with it.

Coming back there are a couple of bumps that you hit, the first one by the crane in Hallowell, (hell yeah, I go in back of Maine Street to the boat landing) and then by the old Mobil storage yard. Once I got past them, I did pick up the pace a little.

When I got to the 4 mile mark, I didn’t push super hard, but I did pick up the  tempo a little more for that last mile.


This was probably the best run I have had, since that 8.0 miler in Portland, back in May. I felt strong the whole way and could have gone faster if it had been a race. Although, I do still have to be gentle with the left leg, because it did warn me that I was pushing a little too hard for a short while and when I backed off, it stayed nice and quiet.

Which is why I am purposely not racing anytime soon – well maybe on Thanksgiving, we will see.

Even after the run, the leg wasn’t really grumbling, it was more of “yes, I am still here”kind of reminder than anything that I thought too much about or paid any attention to.

It was nice to run with a  real stride and not pay for it after I got done.

I didn’t realize that I have not run on the Rail Trail since May 10th and this run quickly brought back to me why I like to run down there so much.

The other thing is that runners can say what they want to about the treadmill. I am a firm believer that it helps me to be a better runner, because when running on them I can’t get lazy. Running on them forces me to maintain a faster and more consistent pace than I would outside on my own. They are a training tool that does work for me.

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  1. Harold, keep writing about whatever the hell you want to write about. Running is a part of your life… it makes sense that it keeps appearing. The idea is, you’re no longer restricting to that one side of you, which is healthy for you and interesting for the rest of us.


    • Thanks, that is the plan to keep things interesting and real – life is a multi-faceted jewel that when seen from different perspectives and show a lot of different things and I think that sometimes we just show one or two sides of who we are and miss the other important pieces. 🙂

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