A Seven Day Election Moratorium

Finally, the last week of the U.S. elections is here!!!!

Unfortunately, it ain’t over yet, it will be the worst week yet of “he said, she said”, dirty tricks, lies, outlandish claims and it ain’t just the Presidential election I am talking about.

It seems that every election cycle the crap just piles higher and the people get more and more jaded about the millionaires running for office at the state or national elections, who typically say the “right” things to get elected, about how they “care” about the “little” people and then go about their merry way, doing whatever the hell they want, and the power brokers or party leadership tells them to exactly what they can do – toe the party line.

Oh, I have already made up my mind, who and what issues I am voting against.

You notice I didn’t say voting for – in this election voting for someone doesn’t seem to be an option…well maybe at the local level, but once I get up to the State and National elections, my vote is definitely against someone or something based upon my conscience.

Who it is doesn’t matter, because that is my vote, not yours and I have made my decision based upon my personal beliefs, the candidates words, actions and not some slick political advertising or candidates attempts to pander to the voting public.

So for the next week, I will endure and ignore most of the endless hype, hoopla and drivel that will come out in the news, television, social media and other sources of election coverage.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a 7-day period before election day, when there was a total news blackout of all election coverage. A time-out period for voters to stop hearing all the lies, embellishments and nastiness and have a chance to think about their vote, without being constantly bombarded by whichever candidate or P.A.C. that spends millions of dollars to ensure that their candidate is elected.

So I am going to do a self-imposed 7 day moratorium on election shit.

Then next Tuesday, I will go down to the Town Office, stand in line and cast my ballot.

I hope that a week from today that a majority of other voters have cast their ballot the same way that I did on the candidates and issues that were on the ballot.

If not and a majority of Americans have voted to go in a different direction than I would and I will live with their choices and see where it leads our already great Country.

It doesn’t mean that I agree with all of their choices, but it means that as an American, I will support and defend their right to choose.

2 thoughts on “A Seven Day Election Moratorium

  1. I think THAT is one of the concerns I have – the *aftermath* of the election. Aside from the normal nonsense (it seems like nearly ALL elections are touted as ‘lesser of two evils), this election has given us some really hateful rhetoric regarding opposition candidates (‘Killary for Jail’), media, law enforcement, basic government infrastructure, and the election process. We’ve seen people arrested for plotting to blow up a mostly Muslim building in the Midwest if one candidate loses.

    When I look at the last 8 years and parallels to the Depression, what you see is the opposition Conservative party allowing some ‘New Deal’ stuff, then blocking it out of concern for the debt, then when that shut down the progress, they relented and slowly we got out of the Depression. This time, after 2 years of progress, the ‘Tea Party’ all but shut down the government, and when that stunted progress instead of compromise they doubled down on obstruction. There is a chess game here – but the pawns are the people.

    Even in the contentious 2000 election there was healing and compromise … but something has happened. It seems too easy and cavalier to just call it the death throes of white nationalism, though there is obviously some of that at play. There is more – the inability to listen, to honor and respect reasonable differences, to ‘agree to disagree without being disagreeable’.

    And it is THAT – more than whomever wins the election, the senate or house – that I find gravely concerning.


    • I echo many if not most of your concerns. There are too many things that bother me from the top down that are not the direction I want to see this Country go. It depends less on the President, than who controls the Senate/House and who we elect to keep some sort of equilibrium in Congress, so that the system of Checks and Balances continues work. However, we have to get back to governing and working across the aisles, instead of the constant obstructionism or worse the policies that attempt to degrade the safety net for those who have contributed to it or truly need it.

      It is scary when the Presidential candidate makes others in his party look rationale, when in other years we would be going WTF and what in hell do they think they are proposing. If Clinton wins, governance will be near impossible if the Democrats do not win a majority, with the level of obstructionism and investigations into anything that the opposition can, with probable impeachment proceedings being initiated within the first year to distract from any initiatives, programs or legacy.

      Trump has too many issues and problems to remain President if elected. He might believe that he can create an empire with his family taking over after after him and others want to support that. However, based on his history he will do something to make both parties unite to impeach him or he becomes a convicted felon and is forced to leave one way or another. No matter how much his supporters howl, there is just too much dirt to sweep under the carpet for him and he is who he is. In Maine we got a taste of what a Trump presidency would resemble with the LePage administration, but it is a very lite version, I have a feeling that based on what we have seen so far, some things would be scary as hell. But if he is elected the Republicans get the Presidency, which is what most of the Republican leadership only care about at this point.

      Both parties believe that the other has sold their souls, to these candidates and that whoever wins, wins a deal with the devil. So there will be very little healing or common ground found after this election.

      Are we actually electing a President or are we electing a Vice-President who will serve out the term of who they replace. That is the scary scenario that I hope doesn’t happen, but…if it does I will not be surprised.

      The people are always the pawns in the eyes of the rich and/or powerful, while I would like to think that we elect based on them representing the voters, it doesn’t seem to be that way nearly as much since the Citizen’s United decision.

      Yeah, I have some definite feelings about this election, but tend to keep most of them to myself and have said more than I usually do.


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