Looking Out the Back Window

Most every morning, I get to see an explosion of critters, squirrels and birds fleeing every which way to get out of the yard as I enter.

img_20161023_085305241I usually make a couple of caws, which most of the critters, especially the crows and jays in the area have come to know as “it’s feeding time”.

I throw our offerings into their usual spot and go back into the house.

Then the fun begins.

The squirrels are the first ones to tentatively check out what has been left, then the blue jays come screaming around and after they get the first choice, suddenly a crow or three will appear to check things out.

After the crows arrive, the squirrels move to bird feeders to contend with the chickadees and whatever other small birds are there, while the blue jays complain loudly to the crows that they are taking too much of the good stuff and the woodpecker comes and gets on the suet. While the morning doves go along the ground gathering whatever is dropped. The gray squirrels chase each other around and then the little red squirrels and their families come out and the turf wars really begin.

Two-Three mornings a week the turkeys make their morning march through the yard. The blue jays scold them and the crows watch them attempt to gobble up the last of the offerings while the squirrels dash in and grab a last morsel before the turkeys clean up everything. The turkey march on out.

On really busy mornings, we are fortunate to see a few deer, most of the time a doe and her two yearlings.

At least once a morning, there is an explosion as the squirrels all dash off, the jays fly away, the morning doves fly into the trees, the crows move into the dense cover of the trees cawing and complaining, the deer bound away with their white flags waving, not sure why they are leaving, but trusting that it was time to go when the squirrels and crows disappear.

Sometimes we even hear a loud scree of a hawk or eagle overhead, to let us know why all the critters disappeared.

The yard is quiet again – until that first squirrel begins to dart around and the cycle starts over again.

We are lucky to have such an active yard, it is alive with critters that we get to  watch and enjoy their antics as we eat our breakfast.






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