Starting Over

Why the new name?

I am getting older and doing that is simply aging, something that everyone does, whether we want to or not – it is a part of the journey we are on. Hence the new name for the blog.

Why Start Over?

After 8 years of blogging and over 5 years of being a runblogger, I am starting over. Bogging about running during those years was a GREAT experience and I got to meet (IRL and online) some really fantastic people! Unfortunately, being a runblogger also forced me to focus so much on running that I neglected other parts of my life that I enjoyed and are just as important.

Which means this blog has no stated focus other than the thoughts of a spastic Jack Russell owner, who is going to be 60 next summer and might have the same attention issues as his dawg.

I will say this bluntly, I am not blogging for success (been there, done that), my primary reason for having a web log, is to get stuff out of my head, sharing stuff I find interesting, talk a bit about this getting older thing, possibly passing on some wisdom and if something happens in my life that I want to keep as a memory, it will be where I can find it to re-read.

Running will still be a minor part of my starting over, but not the primary focus. Although one thing will not change all that much, I am still a running shoe geek (have been for many years) and will do reviews when I feel like it, but not because I feel I have to.

I plan to keep my writing light and a little irreverent, but I hopefully will not let the “sailor” in me out very often. An important change and one that will be hard is that I am going to keep the posts shorter, much shorter and get away from those long-winded 2,000 word essays that I did so well often on my other blogs.

Sometimes we go full circle with things and my blogging seems to have done that.

So here I am back to just having a web log.

It just feels…well right.


5 thoughts on “Starting Over

    • I really thought about leaving completely, but to be honest I enjoy blogging too much. There might not be a lot of rhyme or reason with my blogging post, (they certainly won’t be scheduled or as often), I just wanted to keep my options open, but move away from being so focused on running.

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  1. Starting over? Moving and refocusing? Shedding baggage (real and/or perceived)? Whatever it is, sometimes it is just nice to have a new avenue. Not sure what you will do – but I hope you cut yourself a break, feel no pressure – maybe even force yourself to step back for a bit to understand better what you DO want to do – rather than just want you do NOT want. Whatever it is … we’ll be here 🙂


    • Thanks Mike,

      I have been pondering and planning how to do this since August and it finally came down to – making a clean break from runblogging and moving on.

      I was beating on a dead horse and blogging about running had become something I felt that I had to do, not what I wanted to.

      I am not really sure of the where my writing will lead me this time (that is part of what I find exciting), but it will focus more on the whole me and the myriad of interests that I do have, not just that small niche that running holds.

      As you understand better than most anyone, I am not looking for a successful blog in the traditional sense (money, fame, glory, travel and all the freebies), I am writing more for me and to share whatever wisdom or at least my unprovocative thoughts on things that might interest others.

      After the initial flurry, I will probably settle into a 2-3 times a week posting routine and enjoy the freedom of writing about what I want versus what I feel I am supposed to write about for a certain niche.

      What don’t I want to have happen. Get on my high and mighty and get back into the delusions of grandeur and thinking that I am more than I am.

      A hobby blogger.

      I do appreciate your support and words of wisdom.

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