Nike Lunar Glide 7 – 50 Mile Review

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Yeah, I know the Lunar Glide 8’s will be coming out in a few weeks and I am just doing a LG7 review…what else is new.

I always seem to be reviewing last year’s news.

Anyways, I moved back to the Nike Lunar Glides because I wanted a higher drop shoe to run in while recovering from my most recent Achilles issues. There are many that poo-poo how much drop matters and all the other theories or studies they bring to the table…all I know is that in this experiment of one, when my Achilles acts up – I go back to a higher drop and it has worked well for me.

Enough yakking, let’s talk about the Nike Lunar Glide 7’s.

I bought them at Nike Outlet Store in North Conway. It is my second pair of Lunar Glides, my first pair were the 5’s, which I liked a lot – enough that when I needed to look again, they were at the top of my list.

Weight: 9.1 oz (size 9) Stack Height: 25mm (Heel), 15mm (Forefoot) *Stats from Running Warehouse*What are these shoe’s purpose in my rotation?

The LG7’s are my injury recovery, everyday runners and when I get back to the point that I can run long again, my run long shoes.

What kinds of runs have I done in them so far?

Mostly shorter, slower stuff on tar, dirt roads, a groomed trail run and runs with Bennie (which brings out flaws in some shoes very quickly, because it is much more like interval work). I have been limited lately by a bad stretch with Achilles/Left heel issues. So longer or faster runs haven’t happened. However, I still have managed to get up to speed a couple of times in the shoes and they did well.

Are they comfortable? They passed the hardest hurdle for any pair of running shoes that I get…they made it to 50 miles and I am still running in them. Too many other running shoes haven’t made it to that point. Since I bought them locally I got to try them on first and yes, that does make a difference in getting the sizing correct. 

I found out that the size 8.5’s fit the way 8.5’s are supposed to fit and that the 8.0’s were too tight in the toe box, while the 9.0’s too long.
The toe box is wide enough to not bother my Tailor’s Bunionette and the uppers just feel good, but the few times I have  worn them casually without socks, let me know that going sockless was not an option for me.
There was a bit of a learning curve in figuring out how tight I needed the laces with the flywires. However, once I figured that snug, not tight was enough I have been loving the fit.
I have learned over the past few years that I like a softer heel and the LG7’s have that feeling and while the forefoot is forgiving at only 15mm stack height it still has some firmness too. Which I prefer in the forefoot.

The other thing that I like about the LG7’s is they don’t weigh a ton at just over 9.0 ounces and I feel pretty nimble in them. Well as much as an old fart can feel nimble.
When I run in the Lunar Glide 7’s – there are no issues with the shoes. They disappear on my feet and I focus on running, not how my shoes are doing.
Yes, they are comfortable. Do they run quiet or slap the road?
They are quiet, but not as smooth as the PI’s. The noise is more a tap, tap sound that is there even when I walk in them, so it is more the shoe and the amount of denser rubber in the heel unit, than how I run in them. Are they rock collectors?
It seems like most modern road shoes just collect pebbles and small rocks in the sole. With the amount of sole for the most part I don’t feel anything and they come out easily when I stop. 

Are they multipurpose or strictly roads/trails/snow?
They are not what I would call a real multi-purpose shoes, but at the same time running on groomed trails is not a problem when they are dry and they do fine on wet roads. I think they would be okay in dry snow, but in wet slushy stuff, mud, lots of rocks or wet grass, I have better choices.
What don’t I like about them?
The flat laces just didn’t do it for me and I put in LockLaces and they are working great. Other than being rock collectors as I said above, I like them and can’t think of things I don’t like about them.

The reality is that
I like the Nike Lunar Glide 7’s – a lot. No, putting 50 miles on a pair of running shoes does not make it a great running shoe and I will know more at the 200 mile mark. However, being able to run reasonably through my Achilles/Left heel issues in them has made a very good impression with me about them.

Now to get to running a little more regularly in them and see how they do when I am not an injured runner making 3 steps forward, 2 steps back.

I can’t wait to just run in them.

Would I get the Lunar Glide 7’s again?

I am already looking at what Bennie is getting me for my birthday in August and another pair of these are the leading candidate. Who knows I might even look closely at the 8’s, but I like the tread design better on the 7’s (the 8’s siping design just don’t look good for much other than the road and I would have concerns when it is wet too), so I have a feeling it might be another pair of 7’s.

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