MEB – Skechers and Fleet Feet Sports Maine Equals A Great Day

If you are reading this blog post, that is why it is has been re-posted here.
Originally posted on: August 3, 2014

I drove down to Portland (yeah Maine) this morning and spent a relaxing morning around other runners.

Nope, I didn’t run in a race, actually I did this instead of a race that I had planned to do up in Skowhegan. I had thought about doing both right up until last and probably could have since the race started at 7:30 and I could have gotten on the road to Portland at 8:00 or so, but I am getting soft and didn’t want to leave the house at 6:30 this morning — yeah getting soft.

I got a chance to see people who I haven’t seen in a while or get to meet someone I have wanted to for a while.

Jen, Barb, and Weez

Got a chance to look at the what the new Skechers Performance line will look like this fall.

I can’t wait for the GoRun4 and GoMeb3 and a couple of others to see how they feel/perform compared to my Go Run Ride 2’s and GoMeb 2’s, both of which I love and by the time they are released, it will be time for me to get some new running shoes again.

I volunteered to help out at the Skecher’s booth for a bit (you know that setup, carry boxes, food and stuff around thing) and then talked to a few runners about trying on some Skechers running shoes..

It was also chance to hear Meb (you know that American guy, who also just happened to win the 2014 Boston Marathon), talk about the race, how proud he was to represent America and how the chant of USA, USA, USA helped spur him on.

Meb Speaking 8-3-14
Get my photo with him after waiting in line for about an hour. Yeah, do you believe it me waiting in line for over an hour just to say Hi, Thank you, get an autograph and a photo taken with Meb.

Meb and Me 8-3-14
Was it worth it? Absolutely.

From my perspective and what I saw — Mebrahtom Keflezighi appears to be a gentleman and very generous with his time. When I got close enough to listen in on how he talked and treat the runners in front of me, I found him to be very gracious and patient with many of the repetitive questions/comments that were made. I really enjoyed watching how he treated the children that were there, he was GREAT. 
You can tell a lot about someone, when you watch how they treat children.

I do wish that I had run the fun run with Meb, but I got caught up doing something else and I decided not to, but if there is ever a next time, I will stop what I am doing and just go. The experience would be more important than what I was doing in retrospect. You know that 20/20 hindsight thing.

Overall, the Fleet Feet Sports – Maine and Skechers Performance Staff did a fantastic job of putting on today’s event and providing the local runners a once in a lifetime opportunity to be around World-Class runner and gentleman – Meb Keflezighi.

After the photo opp, Scott and I did a couple of laps around Back Cove, got caught up on what’s been going on and just enjoyed a nice run.

Strava Stats 8-3-14
No we didn’t fly or try to break any land speed records after being motivated by seeing Meb, instead it was one of the most consistently paced runs I have done in a long time. We wanted to run at about a 9:00 minute pace and looking at the mile splits that is just what we did.

Overall, it was a GREAT day and I had a lot of fun.

Why did I volunteer to help out at the Skechers’ booth?

No I am not an official Skechers ambassador, not a paid employee or have any other official position with Skechers in any way.

Nope, I have sort of adopted them, they produce running shoes that I run better in than I do any other brand’s road running shoes and I believe in their product. In the interest of full disclosure I have received 1 free pair of GoMeb 2’s from Skechers in June and last year I applied and was accepted as a Skechers Running Ambassador and decided to turn it down when first got out of social media marketing last September.

I keep helping out because I like people on the Skechers Performance Team and if I am at a race or event, it gives me something to do besides twiddling my thumbs. I like to be busy, when I am at events, it forces me out of that comfort zone that I get into and interact with more people.

Besides I enjoy promoting their product and it is something that I use and believe in, so I take the time out of my day to do it – gratis without any expectations.

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