Rail Trail 6.0 Miler – RunLog 4-22-14

Yesterday, I wanted, change that – needed to get out and run.

After Monday’s race, I needed to do a systems check on the body and I had a bunch of things on my mind to figure out, which is why this post is a day late.

I went down to the Augusta Rail Trail head and ran according to what my body wanted to do. I like the Rail Trail because except for going through Hallowell, I don’t have to worry about traffic and can put things on autopilot and do some thinking.

Strava Stats 4-22-14
Strava Stats 4-22-14

I wasn’t planning to run super fast or turn this into a redemption run. I was looking to run hard in a couple of places, run comfortably most of the run, but mostly I wanted to digest all the information I had processed after Monday’s race.

About half way through the run, I figured it out.

When it hit me, it was like a ton of bricks.

  1. I am still training like I am still preparing for a half marathon or marathon.
  2. While what I actually run are primarily 5K’s.
  3. However, I never really changed what I was doing for training.

No wonder I have a hard time running at faster 5K race paces and seem to lock into that 7:30 pace – that is what I have trained for.

Now that I have figured that out, everything fell into place. I am not training to race a half or a full marathon and need to stop training like I am. I race 5K’s and want to be able to race/run up to the 10K distance. Which means that I have to change my training to meet my goals for those distances.

Also, I decided that the Launch are a faster road shoe than either of the Pearl Izumi Road N2’s, but they are not a 5K racing flat. I love the way they feel for longer slower runs, but at a faster pace, they feel too soft.

So the run was a nice run, great weather, did a good job clearing my head and I found the answer to what was going on with my running.

Good run.



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