A Very Good Training Half – RunLog 10-26-13

Going through Downback
Going through Downback

I had to try and see how I would feel doing a training half marathon, since I couldn’t be where I really wanted to be today. The way I felt today, I probably could have run and finished MCM, but I had to make the choice and when I did, I just didn’t know how I would be at this point and time. I am a little disappointed today, but know that I did make the correct decision.

So how did the run go?

A LOT better than I thought it was going to be.

Garmin Stats 10-26-13
Garmin Stats 10-26-13

As you can see I did really good through 7.0 miles and then my left Achilles started to tighten up a little, so I did slow a bit and changed my gait slightly, which seemed to help and then after 10 miles, I had to slow a little more due to it. However, everything else felt really good and if I had needed to I could have gone faster, but was being conservative during a training run.

  • Time: 1:48:48
  • Distance: 13.11
  • Pace: 8:18
  • Shoes: Skechers GoRun Ride2 – the best part about running this distance in these shoes is that I didn’t notice them and I can’t pay a pair of running shoes, no bigger compliment.
  • Gear: Shorts, Wind Jacket, Sleeveless top, tech L/S Shirt, gloves and new Hi-Vis hat, calf sleeves (dressed perfectly
  • Weather:  Mid 40’s, breezy and overcast

To run an 8:18 pace overall for 13.1 at this point in my recovery is very much a confidence builder!





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