Easy Recovery Run and Trying to Figure Out Something

Today I was scheduled for an easy 6.0 mile recovery run after yesterday’s tough interval workout and last night’s #BostonStrong 4.0 mile run.

Guess what – I mostly did it, my average pace was over 9:00 minute miles, but I did go under 9:00 for a couple of miles (8:41 & 8:54), but I didn’t push at all, I just went comfortably.

Going through down-back was an adventure in avoiding the mud pits in my road shoes – that being a road runner today, instead of a trail runner.

I ran in my Altra Torin’s (Personal Purchase) and they did well, no problems with the heel rub on my right achilles, so hopefully that is healed up and won’t be a bother, but on tomorrow’s long run, I plan to put something over that area, just to be sure. Something I am learning about the Torin’s is that they are a faster shoe than I thought they would be. The sum of their whole is better than you would think and the more I run in them, the more I like them.

On the treadmill they have shown I can run fast for a longer period of time and my legs don’t feel as beat up and I needed less recovery time the next few days.

One thing that I am going to start doing is putting socks that bother my right foot into a plastic bag on my dresser, so I will know which ones not to wear and I will put them into storage, to try again later. The socks I was wearing tonight weren’t bad, but by the time I finished they were starting to bother my foot.

This sock issue is the only thing that is really holding me back from running long distances and is really beginning to irk me. I would like to figure out why my foot hurts so much and immediately stops when I take off my sock off and doesn’t bother without the socks.

I know the obvious thing would be to run without socks, however, I don’t like the way my foot feels inside the shoes I like without socks, it just doesn’t feel comfortable for me. So I will keep trying to figure out a good sock/shoe combo for my longer runs


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