Lee Sementelli Joseph’s 5K Photos Link

Here are some more photographs from this morning’s Joseph’s 24th Annual 5K taken by Lee Sementelli Photography, if you would like to see more of today’s photos click Lee’s link and scroll down the page to the race photos.

Lee was gracious enough to allow me to use her photos of me on my blog and I cropped the above one and started using it as my header :-).  Thank you again – Lee!


  1. Great photos! A photography friend of mine commented to me a couple of months ago not to take much stock into running photos – they’re just brief moments in time. What may look like an all-out heel strike might not. I’ve noticed that in many of my photos over time, but I haven’t had heel wear on shoes in a year and a half.


    • Thank you for letting me know that, my shoes are showing minimal wear on the heals, so I am improving. That is good to know.


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