Newton’s Getting A Rest and a Good 5.0 Miler

I have put away my Newton Gravity for at least a week to let my ankle heal. I really wasn’t expecting this, because I had over 60 miles on them with no problems. However, over the past week no matter what I have done to protect the rub spot, when I run over 3.0 miles in them, my right ankle is rubbed raw and I bleed on my sock. This has become very distracting to my running and is not something that I enjoy while running.

Hopefully, once my ankle heals up, the Gravity’s will not cause the problem anymore. If they do, it will mean that no matter how wonderful a shoe they are (and I do love them), that for some reason they are not the right shoe for my feet. It seems as though the ankle cut-out is too high for my foot and really rubs my right ankle.

In talking with Newton on Twitter, they gave me some suggestions and discussed my form, but the bottom line is that as of yesterday, the Gravity’s cause my right foot to be rubbed raw to the point it bleeds and it is uncomfortable to run in them. I will be trying them again – next Friday and hopefully I can report no issues and just run comfortably in my great Newton Gravity’s.

Yes, I could tough it out and rub some dirt on it, which I did for the past week and you know something no shoe is worth that to me. Time will tell on this one.

So how did my 5+ run go today? GREAT!  I ran in my old Nike Presto Faze (Bright Red) and you know something they worked like a dream. I didn’t push hard and stayed right around the 8:30 pace I was looking for and best of all – no bloody sock!

Surprisingly, I ran a fairly steady pace until mile 4-5 which has my favorite hills and the dirt road with all the ruts, so I usually take this pretty slow, but today, I only slowed down by 19 seconds, so I am very happy and the best part was that it was because I maintained my focus, not because of being tired :-).  I don’t know if the shoes made a difference or not, but it felt good to run again without any unnecessary pain or blood on my sock. So changing the shoes did make some difference and proved to me that it was the Newton’s and not something I was doing.

I have had the Presto Faze for 5-6 years and I really don’t know how many miles that I have on them, but I used them as my treadmill shoes for at least 3 years of winter indoor running, track workouts and running outside here and there. They don’t feel all that comfortable when I first put them on – the toes are a lot too tight and they certainly are not zero drop shoes, but once I start running – everything seems to fit into place the way they are supposed to and I just run in them. No laces to worry about, my feet don’t slide around and they are light enough to go fast if I want to.

Almost makes me really want to take a lot closer look at the new Nike Free 3.0 with the 4MM drop and I plan to if the Newton’s continue to aggravate my ankle after letting it heal.

Hey Nike do you need the Free 3.0 reviewed here on A Veteran Runnah, I would love to compare them to the old Nike Presto Faze and see what the differences are. DM me on Twitter if you are interested :-).

It will be interesting to see how these shoes do during my 5K race in Fairfield tomorrow morning. I really want to do well and push hard and would love to see a sub-23:00, so we shall see how close I am in my blog tomorrow. :-).

Good luck to everyone else who is racing this weekend and participating in the Twitter 5K.

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