Nice 10K Workout and my Bloody Sock Issues 4-26-12

Today was about as perfect a day for running as we will get around here. Sunny, mid 50’s with the winds under 10 mph from whatever direction, I seemed to be running into :-).

I purposely attempted to run a little faster than usual today, just to get a little ready for the 5K race on Saturday. My speedwork has been woefully lacking, so I will be surprised if I do as well as last time – all I can say is that we will see what happens. I don’t know why, but I am not exactly excited about this race and I should be, maybe I have just been too busy trying to get my job search started. Oh well, just part of life.

I was happy with my pacing through 4.0 miles and I did attack the hills in those areas pretty hard, so it was a semi-hill workout, as well as a tempo run for me.  After 3.0 miles the Newtons started to really rub on my right ankle and it got a lot worse once I hit the dirt road. Between the hills, the ruts and the distraction of my ankle being rubbed raw (even though I had a band-aid covered by duct tape), I had to slow down.

It doesn’t matter which of the three caused the most slow down, because once I got back to the tar road, I picked the pace up again and forced myself to ignore the ankle.  Otherwise I felt really good and finished strong, this is a tough course and in a race, I believe I could do a lot better.

What to do about the Newtons and how they are rubbing my ankle to the point of bloody sockness anytime I seem to go over 3.0 miles in them? I have a feeling that the best thing will be to stop running in them until the sore heals up, so that is the plan going forward. I had to look around and see which shoes would bother the ankle the least and my old read Nike Presto’s didn’t bother at all even when I walked around in them sock less.

So I will bring my Red Fancy Pants Nike’s out of retirement and run them for a week or two, to let my ankle heal and then try running in my Newton’s again to see what happens. If they continue to create bloody sock problems, then I will have no choice but to retire them and move on.  Hopefully they will be fine after my ankle heals itself.

This is a cut-back week, so I am actually planning to get around 30 miles in and it looks like I am on track to do that, no 40.0 this week :-).  However, if I go out and try the Presto’s just to see how they feel tonight, I might get a little closer to 40.0, but I wouldn’t do that would I?????


  1. Nice run man! What is the app you are using now? How often can you get a voice telling you your pace etcetera?


    1. I am using the Nike+ and I have it set to tell me on the mile and it gives me time/pace, then I have all the neat charts and graphs. They are supposed to be coming out with a lot of upgrades over the next couple of months and I am excited about what they will be like. The one thing that I do like is that the App is fairly consistent on the mileage, unlike other Apps I have used.


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