Daily Job Search Update – 4-26-12

Today was another busy day. I did a little networking (oh how I hate that word), but I know it is necessary and there isn’t really any other way to describe what you are doing that sounds any better :-).

Then I worked on updating my General Administrator resume and got it pretty close to where I want it to be, it still needs some minor tweaking and a good double-check for grammar/spelling errors. If you would like to take a look here is the link to take a peek. If you have any comments or constructive criticisms – yes they are welcome.

Tomorrow, I want to work on my Professional Trainer resume, which interests me a lot more than general administration. I loved being in the classroom teaching and doing the challenging work of creating interesting lessons or presentation that the learners find useful. Being a trainer is something that I believe I would be great at and have a lot of experience in the classroom and providing training to adults. This will be a good direction to do a lot more research into.

Next week I have to go through and create two Federal Resumes (still deciding whether to just use USAJOBS or the new VA for Vets Career Center – I have one just about done in USAJOBS that I can copy or maybe I will go ahead and just put everything into the VA site? Still deciding on that one.

Either way I need to put together my general administrator federal resume and then really do a great job on creating one for the next Veteran’s Service Representative opening at Togus. Which is one of the things that I really would like to do and strongly believe that I would be very good at it.

There I have gone three steps ahead of what I wanted to do here, so I will have to back track a little to show how I reached those conclusions in a different post :-).

I also registered for the VA for Vets Virtual Career Fair – I am not sure how this will work, but it seems worth a try, and is something new and different for me.

I think that I have gotten a lot done today and yes I ran 6.2 miles and used two tanks of gas in my chainsaw to work on getting firewood cut up for the winter, so I am definitely getting back in shape.

Tomorrow I will update the Todo lists and work on my training resume, there is a lot of work to a job search, unless you are lucky or not trying too hard!  I can’t depend on luck, so I will have to make my own by hard work and be ready if/when that golden opportunity passes my way :-).

If you are interested in my qualifications and experience, please read my About Me page, go to my LinkedIn account, read my other blog “A Veteran Runnah” or better yet ask me by contacting me directly – by clicking here.

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