Today Was A Chafe Run = It Sucked 3-30-12

Yep the title says it all.

I couldn’t find my Ruez underwear for this longer run, so I wore a pair of old Shorts with a compression liner. I got them back in 2004 and they have served me well – well until today :-(.

Today was just a hard run for me, it started later than I like to run, didn’t get running until after 3:30 P.M and had had a busy day around the house, so I was a little tired to start. The the wind was blowing about 15MPH out of the north, so the first 3 or miles were pretty much run with it either in my face or just off my shoulder – just enough to wear you down even more.

It seems like I was going faster than the pace that iSmootRun was telling me, it seemed to be constantly switching back and forth between the accelerometer and the GPS, even though it was mostly clear sky and would even do it where there were no trees???  So I really don’t have a lot of confidence in the pace or distance, but hey it is only a training run, so it doesn’t really matter. But I think that sometime over the next couple of days, I might drive the course, just to get a different opinion.

Around mile 6.0 I started to chafe really bad! This was a bad time to have this happen because I was at least a couple of miles from the car, if I took some short-cuts I know. Once I start to chafe in the crotch/buttocks area, it doesn’t matter whether I walk or run, it is still pretty damn uncomfortable.

The fastest way was to just get it over with and finish the run, but I know that a few drivers were wondering “why to hell is that runner adjusting his pants so much?  Just trying to move the clothes away from the chafed areas, doesn’t work for very long, but better than nothing.

Needless to say the last 3.0-4.0 or more miles I wasn’t really into this run and wasn’t focused on anything, but trying to get the chafe more comfortable and get it over :(.

I think I have to go out and finally break down and buy at least couple of new pair of compression shorts, so that I will have them available when I need them, having only one reliable pair is not working for mileage over 6.0. I also think it is about time to start throwing away some of my old compression shorts that really irritate more than they help.

This was just one of those runs where a lot of things went wrong, I also forgot my energy gel pack and water, so I did this based on what I ate for lunch, which didn’t help the energy levels either.  Chalk this one down to being a learning experience :-), gotta have those every so often. You don’t even want to know the language and grimacing going on while showing tonight, not a pretty site or music to anyone’s ears.

Well it was still better than sitting on the couch and I don’t feel too bad now, so it was worth it, because I can’t remember the last time I had 160 miles in a month – probably back in 1986?


    1. My own fault for not replacing worn-out gear and then trying to make do with what I have :-), just part of the deal. It has been a long time, not going fast, but starting to build a good base, just haven’t figured out what for yet hehehee other than I am loving being able to run again.


  1. Whoa! I hate that…I’ve finally started using Vaseline for chafing around my crotch area. I also hate nipple problems too, so I am always wearing bandaids (seems to work best for me). Two weeks ago I had to tough out 30 more minutes when the bandaids I borrowed fell off. 😦 Mentally that is a tough run…I think you’ve got a plan to get it fixed though, so you should be ok next time. 🙂


    1. I don’t like the mess vaseline leaves when you sit down somewhere, before you clean-up, so since 2002 or 2003 I have been using compression shorts, unfortunately, all but one pair are pretty much worn out, so the plan is to break down and get some new compression shorts :-). Oh well, just the way it is. The nipples don’t usually bother me, been lucky that way.


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