Great Day to Run – 3-24-12

This afternoon was about as perfect a day as we get up “heah” in Maine for running. Mid 50’s a slight breeze out of the north, the mud was passable, meant that I really wanted to run further than a couple today, even though I ran a tough 10.0 yesterday.

I ran down to the town office and back then I added on another mile up on top, just because I was feeling so good. Heck I even picked up my pace a lot at the end. All in all it was a very satisfying run.

All but the GPS program I was using screwed up royally after I finished. Didn’t save any of the data correctly and I lost my actual time/distance for the run. So I just went ahead measured it, using an online mapping program and came out to 4.62, I think it is a little further than that, but this is the distance I got, so it was close enough.

I really like the idea of having GPS to know distance/time and then have a good pace/elevation chart to look at after the run is over. I like the MiCoach chart, but there are other things about the program that I don’t like, so I have tried to find the one that I like after that and unfortunately, even though I have tried most of them, none of them are what I want.

So I will probably deal with MiCoach’s limitations and keep using it until something better comes along or one of the others gets an update that I like. The biggest problem for me on most of the GPS running programs is that their pace/elevation charts just look like crap and I don’t like how they look when I screen shot them and post them to the blog. I know first world problem and oh woe is me. ;-P

Ah it has been a great day, but I did gain that pound back and am back at 160, well now to get back on track and get back under that magic number.





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