Running – 40 Years Series

It doesn’t seem possible that I started running over 40 years ago. No I am not an élite runner – far from it, I am just a pretty average one who running has ranged from jogger to road racer.

Over the course of all those years, there have been several interruptions and times when I did not run as much:

  • I got injured a lot (usually from training stupidly) or things not related to running i.e. falling off roofs, playing racquetball, just being active and clumsy :-),
  • Life has gotten in the way far too often (kids, work, priorities change)

but I have always come back to running.

There are many reasons that many people say they run, but I think that mine is one of the most basic reasons – I just enjoy running (especially when I can run fast or at least what I consider fast).

Even though I love to run fast, I haven’t run in all that many races (they just have never been a big part of my running, other than a two-year stretch in the mid ’80s). Official competition just never really interested me – I had too many other things going on to give it the time, money and effort that it would have required of me.

In this series you will find my recollections and honest reflections about a part of my life that others only glimpse, as that “crazy guy” they see out running in all kinds of weather, after dark, during the day or even during hunting season.

How Did I Start Organized Running

My First Cross Country Practice – Made a Difference

Running High School Cross Country 1971-1974

Running 1975-1982 School’s Out and I am in the Coast Guard Now

Running – Washington DC Area & 1983 Marine Corps Marathon Finish

Running 1984-1988 – The Glory Years

1988 to 2000 – The Lost Running Years

2000 thru 2007 – A New Beginning

I didn’t have any pictures of the two of us running together

2011 and Beyond – My Running in the Future

This concludes my 40 Years of Running Series. You know something I am glad that I did it, it brought back a lot of memories, made me think, but most of all provides others with a glimpse into what made me a runner.

I can’t imagine how different my life would have been without running being a part of it for all of those years.

Let’s just hope that the next 40 years of running are even better :-).

Yes that means that I still plan to be running when I am 95 years old – don’t bet against me. 🙂


  1. I am positive you will still be running when you are 95!!! Thanks for sharing your running history with us, I look forward to reading about your future!!!


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