Surprise Run Today 2-27-12

I was able to run today – although it was slow, it was still running and I feel really great about it!!!!!

My cranky hamstring was feeling pretty good after a day of mostly sitting on the heating pad and another full night of rest.

I have done 100 ups before most of my runs over the last month and decided that if I could do 200 that I would try a short and slow run.  I did the 200 up without any problems – no pain and just a little discomfort. So I figured that trying an easy run would be worth it.

When I started out, I was still pretty sore and stiff from the other day (for me it is usually the second day after that bothers the most), so it took almost a mile to work the kinks out and establish a good pace.  The hammie only let me know it was around, when I tried to run a little faster, but as long as I stayed around 9:30 to 10:00 minute pace, it felt fine.

Everything was feeling pretty good, so I just kept running slow and when I got to 4.0 miles,  it felt like that was far enough. No pain, just a little discomfort at the start or if I started to increase the pace or cadence, it let me know to back off and as long as I did I was able to keep running :-). Could I have gone further – no problem – but there was no sense in pushing a strain if you don’t have to.

I was  very surprised that I was able to do this much today, I figured that I would be lucky to get a mile in. Now to see how it feels later today :-).

I wanted to get out there and run today – It just felt good and I enjoyed it 🙂

I also went back to trying out the iPhone App that I have had the most luck with over the course of having my iPhone – Runtastic. It worked well and gives me the data for these posts that I want, but I still will keep my spreadsheet as my primary log – I might have to manually enter the data, but the data that is in there is correct (as far as I know) and it doesn’t matter which app I am using. Plus if I want to change a goal or how I view/enter different data, I just have to manipulate the spreadsheet and not rely on someone else or find out that “I can’t do it”.

It doesn’t look like I will get 100 miles this month, but still on pace to get that 1,200 for the year. 🙂


  1. Glad to hear you were good to go! And glad the Kinvaras are working for you. They definitely did not for me, but that’s what makes the whole experiment fun!


    1. I think sometimes that I enjoy the search for the new shoes, almost as much as running in them. I love the challenge of finding the ones that are right for me, but now I have to be much more careful about it, limited income does that to ya ;-). The old 6 hours of heating pad yesterday and another total of 6 today & tonight are giving me hope for a long one on Wednesday.


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