My Twitter Road Race 5K Results and Pictures

This morning was the great #Twitter Road Race – alias 5K run.  I signed up and thought it would be a pretty cool thing to do. Unfortunately, over the past week we have had freezing rain and snow, which made for interesting footing or more realistically slower going so I don’t end up on my butt 🙂

The temperature at 9:30 A.M. was 10F degrees, no wind to speak of and overcast skies (gonna snow a little bit again).  I planned on going 5.0 and just have the 5K as part of the run. I started at mile marker .25 and turned around at mile marker 2.75, which tells me that is 2.5 miles or a total of 5.0 on an out and back course.  The Endomondo App only gave me credit for doing 4.77 (boo, hiss).

So when I hit 3.1 miles on my iPhone Endomondo it was 31:29, so my official time for the Twitter Road Race 5K was that.

Here are the pictures I took along the way.

Turn around

I took more pictures on the way back

My favorite restaurant in the area – Slates in Hallowell 🙂


Thankfully, I ran in my SoleSpike/Screw Shoes, this was the first time running in them, (I have walked a lot) they made a difference, so that I wasn’t slipping and sliding all over the place, but when I hit hard ice, I almost landed on my butt a couple of times.  I was able to go faster than otherwise, but still not that fast.

I wouldn’t have gon as fast as I did, if I didn’t feel the little added push of knowing that my times were going to be published for other finishers to see. No 31:29 for 5K isn’t a great time, but for the conditions I am happy with it.

This was also my new 5K PR, so I will have something to crush, when I find a 5K to run later :-).

Thank you Doug and everyone else who helped to organize the race, it was fun and I am having fun watching the Twitter hashtag go by with all the runner excuses ;-).

Keep smiling and good things will happen! 🙂