I Can Run Faster Than I Thought – Janathon #17

Nike Air Flo

Today’s running bloglog entry. This post is part of my daily public running log and may not be of general interest. Read on if you like, sometimes there are some interesting observations about running, that come out in these logs.

I wore my faster shoes and clothes for the speed work, I  planned to do, fartlek training (sub 8:00 minute pushes) that I need to start doing to get a little faster. I started out pretty slow and as I warmed up, I started to run faster than usual, it just felt easy today.

When I started my first fartlek, it was the best I had felt in a long time, but when I came to my slow down point, I still felt really strong, so I kept going.

I kept going until the end of the run. Even before I finished I knew that I had gone faster today than I have in several years, not just this year.

The best part was that I didn’t feel like I really pushed all that hard or had a max effort. I know that I had plenty left in the tank at the end. So instead of a Fartlek workout, I did a fast tempo run at 80-85% effort.

The weather and footing were both the best they have been in a while upper 30’s with little wind. The roads were wet, but not slippery – a nice day to run which helped a lot too.

I think some of the going faster came down to what I was wearing. This is stuff that I expect myself to run faster in. It was the shoes and clothing that I would wear to a race, where I plan to run hard and push myself to see how fast I can go. Sometimes just something as simple as wearing different clothing and shoes, gives you that little extra incentive to go faster.

So what did I run in?

1989 Nike Air Flo (pictured above) – I bought them back then to be my racing shoes and whenever I run in them, I just want to run fast. I don’t know if it is psychological, physical or a combination of both, but they are my “go fast” shoes. For clothes I had on my running tights and 3 layers of synthetics on top – again light and much different than my Green Turtle getup, that I usually slog run in.

The important part: 3.2 miles in 24:39 = 7:42 pace. No it is not earth shattering and I won’t break any speed records, but for a guy trying to get back in shape, who is still overweight according to BMI, IT GIVES ME HOPE, that I can and will go faster.

The biggest thing that slowed me down was frigging around with my iPhone at the start and end with the GPS app I was trying to use.  I probably lost 20-30 second messing around with that.

No this is not a brag me up blog post, because tomorrow, I go back to being the old green turtle :-), but it was nice to get excited about something.

Quality of Run: Best this year
Time of Run: 2:15 P.M.
Temp: 38F
Weather: Overcast, wet roads, 5 mph winds out of north

This Day #17 of Janathon.