Easy 5.0 MIles – Janathon Day 16 – 1/16/12

From our walk this morning

I didn’t think that I would ever use the words easy and 5.0 miles in the same sentence ever again, but that is what I did.

I didn’t push, focused a little bit on form and foot plant, but other than that I just ran comfortably. I went out and just ran 5.0 miles and it was easy.

Temp wasn’t subarctic it was around 25 degrees F and footing was mostly good, a few patches of ice to avoid or run over and only had to avoid one SUV that had me in its sights.

It was just a very easy run and I was very surprised especially since I had walked to the brook and back on snow/ice.

Also this is Day 16 of the Janathon and yes I have kept up everyday. Yesterday I didn’t post about it, but I walked 2.0 miles in snow and ice with subzero temps, so the streak still lives. 🙂