My Running Form at 2012 January Thaw

This post is an all about me post.

It is not one that is intended to be publicized, Tweeted, posted anywhere but here on my blog.

I am putting it up here because I have been working hard on improving my running form and at the race yesterday David Colby Young took both photos and video of us running and I want to have these images to refer back to as I continue to work on my form.

I am at 2:50 to 3:05

2012 Jan Thaw Cut 1

All the images were taken by David Colby Young and can be found at Maine Running Photos and on YouTube.

I am at 5:25-5:41

2012 Jan Thaw cut 2

Here are the still photos that David Colby Young (I want to ensure that David gets all of the credit for these pictures) took of me running at the 2012 January Thaw Road Race in Belgrade, Maine on 1/14/12.

The best part of these pictures was that I didn’t know I was being videotaped or that he was taking this many photos. The information that is in here is invaluable to helping me to improve as a runner.

Thank you David for taking these pictures and I can see several things from the videos and photos that I have to work on to improve my form.