1st Blogiversary 3.5 Mile Virtual Run – 1/13/11

I was tired from a 2.0 mile Bennie walk this morning and decided to wait until this afternoon to do my run.

Well waiting until later didn’t help this run at all! I thought that I would wait for the roads to clear a little bit after the 5 inches of snow last night.

One problem, as the day went along, it turned to freezing rain and we had a small thunderstorm, just about the time I was ready to go out and run. I may be lots of things, but lightning scares me, I waited.

Then the torrential downpour came, luckily it only lasted about 10 minutes. However, once I got outside to run, it started misting again, then turned to rain and the temperature was dropping. Great icing conditions.  Finally about 3/4 of the way through the run it stopped raining. 🙂

This is also the day that I decided to do the Running, Loving, Living’s 3.5 Mile Virtual Run (see Toni’s post). Instead of racing this run, I just went slow and steady and focused on how I was planting my feet. Ended up being one of my slowest runs in a long time, but I didn’t care, it was also one of my toughest.

Here is why:

It may not look that bad, but is was pretty icy when walking on it.



Just to show that I was out in this crap and how much better my stride is getting!!!!


Showing that I ran the 3.5 distance 🙂

The time is probably off by a minute, due to taking pictures, but they were worth it.

Quality of Run: Considering conditions, very good
Time of Run: 3:00 P.M.
Temp: 29
Weather: Freezing Rain/Downpour

Day 13 of #Janathon