Are You Crazy? Yes I Ran Today – 1/12/12

I got and told TheWife that I was going running and she said it as only a 1/2 amazed or 1/2 thinking her husband is an idiot “ARE YOU CRAZY” and I flippantly replied I am an idiot.

She didn’t have any other response, which I figured to be her agreement and I went and got changed.  Thankfully, she is a runner too, so she understands a little bit, but just is not as crazy as me.

She finished her run while there was only an inch of snow on the ground, I didn’t start mine until there was 3-4 inches on the ground – big difference there. I think the pictures will tell a better story of the run than me yapping.

Actually 3-4 inches of snow isn’t that bad and it has started to slow down now, but I had to get rid of the glasses, even with the hat on they got pretty messed up and I couldn’t see much out them. After a while, I just put them in my pocket and went “blind”.  Oh I can see, just not very well without my glasses.
So am I crazy – maybe just a little, but it is a good crazy – at least that is what I think :-).
You know something though – I had fun out running in that snow.
Quality of Run: Very slow in the snow, but done

Time of Run: 1:50 P.M.
Weather: Heavy snow about 3-4 inches on the ground, not plowed yet
Day 12 of Janathon