Dusty Ice Run/More Stress Relief – 1/11/12

Janathon Day 11 – Haven’t missed a day yet !!!!

Another stressful day, that really didn’t get to me as much as it would have in the past. I knew that I would  be getting a run sometime during the day, which helps keep me on an even keel.

Although we had a lot going on today: TheWife’s Doctor appointment, my blog’s theme crashed badly last night and then without the Internet I couldn’t finish fixing the old/new theme that I decided to use instead. I think that my site being messed up stressed me out more than anything and there wasn’t much I could do about it.

I don’t know about you, but I hate having to go someplace to use their Internet (you feel rushed and uncomfortable), the closest place for me is McDonalds in Waterville on KMD. Everything worked great, the coffee was decent/hot, but be warned there is no place to plugin. So if you need to go there make sure you are fully charged :-). I did get my site back up to the 80% level before the battery gave up and I had to leave.

That helped get my stress levels back closer to normal, however, we didn’t get Internet back until supper time (still it was a whole day earlier than TWC said it would be – it must have been a miracle that their equipment started to work suddenly – oh well, I am glad we got it back.

How was the run? It was a good run – I had built up a fair bit of stress and needed to get rid of it and did.  I had been carbo loading on spaghetti last night and at lunch today, so I felt pretty darn good or was it I was ready for the run? Maybe it was the combination of the two.

However, when I ran down to the brook it still had a lot of ice under the dust and if you stepped wrong, it was pretty comical trying to regain your balance. I met a huge SUV (Yukon) in one of the worst places and I had my hands out like I was flying – guy must have though I was an idiot, but I didn’t fall and let him run over me, so I didn’t care.

I also tried to pick up my cadence a little bit and feel that I did pretty well, still had some places where it slowed when I was not paying attention, but I really focused on running tall and maintaining my cadence up my “favorite” hill :-).

Quality of Run:  Overall it was a very good run and I needed it when I finally did run.
Time of Run: 2:30 P.M.
Temp 22F
Weather: Sunshine (the calm before tomorrow’s storm)
Clothes: Perfect