Stress Reliever Run – Much Needed – 1/9/12

Today was one of those really freaking stressful days, you get up extra early, drive a couple of hours, and then wait for my Dad to go through a cardiac procedure (which took about 2 hours), worry about how he would do and what the results would be.

This was just one of those stressful days!

Thankfully Dad made it through the procedure, had 3 stents put in and was feeling the best he has felt in over 2 years (according to him) when I left.

Even though everything turned out excellent and a LOT better than I had hoped for, I still had a huge stress build-up and really needed to burn it off.

Have you ever just needed to burn off the stress after a particularly difficult time in your life. How did you do it?

Personally, my stress reliever is running. I go out and beat the hell out of myself either going way to fast or way too far.

Today, I decided that I need the time and distance and knew the perfect place to go.

I had run City Forest Trails last Friday and today, I was going to run until I felt really tired or two laps whichever came first! Each lap is around 4.0 miles +/-, gonna find out the correct distance later – my GPS crapped out on me.

So I ran my normal pace, which is around 9:00 minute miles or less most of the time. The footing was great and I just ran, I added a few fartleks in places and I burned off the stress and anxiety that had been building over my Dad’s heart attack.

It felt good to move and not let my mind wander. Even though it is a pretty level trail definitely non-technical, I still had to maintain my focus on what was ahead instead letting it wander too much. There is a just a enough rocks, ice, loose gravel, twists/curves, and tree debris to keep you on your toes.

This is definitely what I needed after being in the hospital all morning!

It cleared my head and gave me my longest run, since I injured my knee training for the Marathon in 2006. My right hip let me know it wasn’t quite ready for this distance, but didn’t complain too much and surprisingly, my knee didn’t bother at all!!!!

The last mile I was able to pick it up considerably, I was even able to push myself fairly hard and still felt really strong at the end.  I felt like I had another lap in me, but decided that this was good enough for today, since it was a couple of miles farther than I have run in a while.

It really feels great to show yourself that you are making progress on your running program, when once in a while you just need a long run and you can do it!!!!

Think back for a minute to a time where you tried to wear yourself out after a stressful day, did your tough run or workout help clear your head?

Quality of Run: Great stress reliever
Time of Run: 12:30 P.M.
Temp: 28
Weather: Mostly sunny
Clothes: Could have used one more layer on top, otherwise dress perfectly.

Oh Yeah this was Janathon Day 9