Easy 2.0 Miler & Janathon Day 8 – 1/8/12

Today was a pretty lazy day, working on the blog, walking Bennie and just a short run today. I decided to only do 2.0 miles, after yesterday’s longer “trail” run at City Forest in Bangor. The footing was off just enough to make my legs tired.

I really thought about taking the day off, but I am trying to stay over the 20 mile mark every week, so I ran even though I wasn’t really into it. The run was aslo a lot later than usual, but it was busy this morning and my first 1/2 mile was pretty stiff. After I got moving, it wasn’t too bad.

Today I focused on foot plant and keeping my arms at 90 degrees.  I also figured out that if I really focus on landing on my forefoot – not full foot, that I have a nice straight line, however when I do the full-foot, I still leave a toe out track.  It will be a long time before I get a straight track without forefoot landing.

Quality of Run: Good
Time of Run: 4:10 P.M.
Temp: 29F
Weather: Partly cloudy, wind out of the NW 10 mph