Bangor City Forest Run & Janathon Day 7 – 1/7/11

Dad is doing fine, will be in the hospital for a bit though. I hate hospitals more than anyone will ever know and I always feel like crap after being in one for very long.

So after leaving the hospital this afternoon, I needed to go for a run to clear my head and figured that I would go over to City Forest.

Which I was reminded about, by Teresa of the Sub5 Track Club. Who answered when I posted to Facebook looking for a 3-4 mile trail run. That is one thing that I really love about social media, is the amount of help that fellow runners give each other, when we are someplace that we not all that familiar with.

After “talking” with Teresa, I remembered that I have walked there before and sort of remembered where it was.  It was easy to get to from the hospital, but when I got there the parking lot was filled, I managed to park at the edge.

I wanted to either do 4 or 5 miles and figured that I would just run with my old iPhone so I would have an idea of how far I ran. One lap ended up being enough and according to my Nike+ iPhone app, I did 4.19, which I will call 4.2.

The course itself is pretty flat and not a trail, more like a big sidewalk, but it was what I needed today. I did find this big-ass hill at 1.0 mile, that led to the other parking lot, it got my attention that is for sure. Then I had to run back down it to get back to the trail loop.  Great hell (hill) for hill workouts, got the heart rate up pretty quick.

During the run itself, I just ran, I didn’t worry about my form, pace or anything, I just ran. I needed to move and while the footing wasn’t good enough to go ahead and run very fast – too much ice under the snow.

Even though I didn’t really go that fast, I got a great workout in.

Here are some pictures that I took up there today.

I dub thee – Great Hell Hill 🙂 It sure got my attention.

The rest of pictures of are of the trail at City Forest.

I needed this run and it felt good.

Quality of Run: Nice run
Time of Run: 2:45 P.M.
Temp: 42F
Weather: Overcast, no wind
Clothing: Heavy tights, merino wool socks, Icebreaker Merino Wool base layer, synthetic long sleeve tee, sleeveless synthetic shirt, fleece vest, gloves and Life Is Good Hat